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You’ve never been in one place so long in your adult life, and you’re ready for a big change of scenery. But any type of travel-related quarantine period in another country is going to be a hard pass, and you’re definitely not up for heading to an epicenter of potential outbreak. So the strategy — for those looking to be part of a brave new world — is finding spots to buy out in low population density areas that are actually nicer than where you currently live, with someone else doing all the cooking and cleaning (the bar is high).

Welcome to our private plane escape this week: Deplar Farms.

In one of the most remote areas of Iceland, which is itself already remote, Deplar Farms is a Bear Grylls’ adventure meets James Bond meets understated but definitive luxury. Because, no offense Bear, but we’re really not into 1) or eating worms or 2) roughing it on vacation.

The brainchild of a real estate titan who is achieving world domination, the Eleven Experience portfolio, of which Deplar Farms is part, offers the authenticity of the outdoors and adrenaline-rush activities, all packaged into one of the nicest places you’ll ever stay. Yes, even for those who think they have traveled and experienced everything. This is one of the few portfolios where it’s OK to set your expectations high. They’ll hustle to make sure you’re not disappointed.

Suggested Stay: 4-6 Days

The Highlights:

·      Arriving at Akureyri Airport and realizing you’re in the middle of nowhere — and liking it. A three-hour scenic road trip starts the Eleven Experience, broken up by a stop at a local fisherman’s lodge for warm, hearty soup and homemade bread.

·      Getting you outdoors on. This is an adventure lodge for as hard as you want to push it. They have guides who are in the top tier for fitness and the elite tier for adventure. Deplar Farms has one of the most comprehensive programs of any lodge in the world, and the activities max out Iceland: fly-fishing, whale watching, hiking, biking, heli-skiing, helicopter tours, whitewater rafting — you name it. And if there’s a prettier place to horseback ride, we still have not found it.

·      Dining. The food here is so good, that we feel pretty sure every guest has tried to hire away the chef, like literally bring the chef home with them. Deplar Farms even has white truffles, which is quite a feat in Iceland, all part of their magic making for virtually any request. We know firsthand that you’re a demanding bunch, and they make it happen.

·      Sitting in the heated pool (it’s like a big jacuzzi) while looking up at the Northern Lights. This is one of the places where you don’t chase the Northern Lights; they come to you.

·      Staying at the lodge. We’ve probably saved the best for last. The secret to Eleven, behind their façade of high-adrenaline sports, is that you don’t ever have to (or even want to) leave the lodge. And a lot of the guests who stay there actually never heli-ski down a remote mountain range or face the rush of the rapids on a raft. There’s a top-notch spa, a sound system worthy of a Jay-Z concert, views for days from that living room, and plenty of spots to sit and take in the scenery outdoors. You could be a slug the entire week, using that time to recharge, and you’ve still had the Eleven Experience.

The only downfall with Eleven is, once you get a flavor for their level of travel, it’s hard to go back to mainstream luxury. The price point means it’s for the top of the food chain, but you get there and realize this is what makes all that hard work worth it. Whether we’re in these crazy times of pandemic and unrest or not, this is the place to completely check out and get away, whatever adventure you choose.

Deplar Farm Information

Address: 570 Fljót, Ólafsfjörður, Iceland

Phone number:  9702375985


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