Deplar Farm – You’re Dreaming of a White Christmas

Travel Deplar Indoor View

It’s official: Travel is back. After a year of lockdown, we are all apparently on a mission to get back out in the world. Believe it or not, in a very short window of time, we’ll be shut out of holiday travel if plans are not made soon. Yes, as in December, when it’s not even summer yet. As a public service, we’ll be running this series of places to think about for the holidays. Deplar Farm is your very own piece of Iceland.

Travel Deplar Iceland

Where Sheep Outnumber People 

Welcome to Deplar Farm, the ultimate way to ring in 2022 with your entourage.  Iceland is a lifetime trip, and Deplar Farm is the most rarified place to experience in the country.  It’s one of the most remote parts of Iceland, the Fljot Valley.  As they put it, sheep outnumber humans on any given day.  Besides being a fat lodge with all the high-tech amenities that would keep James Bond entertained, here you experience the true Iceland.  From kayaking, horseback riding, whale watching, fishing, hiking, and heli skiing, this is the ultimate adventure getaway.

Deplar Farm

Better Than Home 

For those who choose not to leave the lodge, there’s plenty to entertain.  The indoor pool has a speaker system underwater good enough for a Jay Z concert.  They bring in top notch spa therapists, where you’re not competing with other guests over the holiday travel season for a slot.  Deplar is a buyout for the holiday season, so what and when  you want, is what you get.

Deplar Farm Holiday

The food is sublime; we know more than one guest who has tried to recruit the chef back to the US. When it’s Northern Lights season, this is the one place in the world where you don’t have to chase it.  Sit back in the heated pool and just look up at the sky.  The lights here, literally come to you.

Holiday Travel Deplar Farms

Time to Holiday Travel Make Plans 

This holiday season though, good things will not come to those who wait.  It’s more early bird gets the warm, as the world is ready to travel again.  Deplar Farm is a buyout for the holidays, so one lucky entourage gets their own piece of Iceland.  Message us at [email protected] and we’ll hook  you up with the best holiday travel yet.

Deplar Farm Iceland

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