The Best Villa in Crete

best villa rental in crete

You’ve got your vaccination card in hand and some mileage status to chase. A summer of sipping rosé, swimming in the Aegean and exploring a ruin or two sounds exactly like what you want. So we suggest Crete. In a hilltop mansion worthy of a Cribs episode. This may just be the best villa in Crete. The only thing you need to bring is your entourage. Just like Kate Hudson and her brood who love to vacation in Greece.

Off-the-Tourist-Trail Greece

You might think Mykonos or Santorini is where it’s at, but you’ll be quickly converted when you come to Chania. And Athens might seem like the historical epicenter, but it doesn’t have all the greatest temples and museums. Near the old port in Chania, cathedrals, botanical gardens and relics from the Ottoman occupation make the town a dreamy Mediterranean spot for vacay. But unlike some smaller towns, Chania doesn’t fall asleep at night.

Your Crash Pad – The Best Villa in Crete?

Your house on the hill is cut into the cliff, boasting incredible views of the blue coastline. The five-bedroom villa sleeps the whole crew, while still serving as a quiet and cozy enclave away from the bustle of downtown. Created to blend into the environment, the house might not appear on your radar until you actually arrive there. The minimalist architecture is sleek and modern. Large windows and outdoor living spaces highlight the gorgeous abode. Refined, high-end furnishings keep you cool and comfortable but don’t distract from the views. Yes, this is sounding like it really could be the best villa in Crete.

Most rooms have terraces, so you can let in the sea breeze, and the large outdoor dining area is perfect for catered feasts. You’ll definitely want to head into the Chania’s market for fresh, local ingredients for sunset dinners. Afterwards, you can work off the calories by swimming some laps in the infinity pool.

The en suites have huge soaking tubs that are perfect for heating up romantic nights and winding down at the end of long days. When you want to explore, you have direct access to the beach, as long as you’re willing to hike over the rocky terrain.

This is a private spot, so you definitely won’t hear your neighbors. But they won’t be too far, as Chania boasts several luxury villas for rent, and they aren’t as hard on your wallet as you’d think.

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