And the Largest Island in the World is…..

Rohan Vasa, Writer

Greenland – The Largest Island in the World

You get a few guesses. Borneo? No, that’s third. New Guinea? Close, but no cigar. The largest island in the world, with over 836,000 square miles, is Greenland, which is part of Scandanavia. In relation to the U.S., it’s about a third the size. It’s population clocks in at a whopping (not) 56,000+ people. However, there’s a reason they call it Greenland: the country offers some of the most unspoiled territory in the world. It’s also one of the least frequented, so you won’t find a lot of luxury hotels like the Four Seasons. But that’s not to say that luxury and pampering are out. This is how to see Greenland in style. 

The Road Less Traveled

People don’t go to Greenland for the bustling city life, or the shopping. You can go to neighboring countries with cosmopolitan cities like Stockholm and Oslo for that. Instead, you come to Greenland  for the nature. There is something more meditative about a country like Greenland. It evokes a mood of introspection and certainly the chance to explore the road less traveled. There is an aura of mystery around Greenland that draws the adventure-driven to come see the beauty of the island for themselves. Weather-wise, Greenland has long arctic winters (considered from October – May) and short summers.

The landscape is filled with coastal villages, open plains, mountains, fjords, and plenty of icebergs and glaciers to go around. But, when adventuring off into uncharted territory it’s always good to have a guide who knows their stuff. For instance, there are a variety of different expeditions, glamping options, week long cruises. So the optimal trip, really depends on you. Whether you’re interested in something steeped in the thrill of the outdoors, or you prefer something more low key and doable, you can take in Greenland both ways. Furthermore, you can be sure Greenland will be unlike anything you have ever experienced. We have three of the top companies, to choose your adventure.

Luxury Adventures

Luxury Adventures is run by one family and does tours throughout Scandinavia, Iceland, Finland, and Greenland. They take care of everything and offer the highest standard of travel with plenty of pampering. Because they operate their own transportation fleet and base camps, they are able to provide an exclusive journey led by experts.

Their Greenland trip has you arrive in Ilulissat, the third largest town, and home to the World Heritage Site Fjord. The rest days are spent on hikes, glacier trips, boats to hunter and Inuit settlements, and a scenic flight. These trips are also all packed in, within four days.

Arctic Friend

Arctic Friend offers extensive options to explore Greenland. You can select either a summer trip or a winter trip, as the seasons will provide a different experience.  For Arctic, you can also pick from a list of four to nine day pre planned options. For instance, there are more adventurous wilderness trips like camping and dog sledding. Or you can choose relaxed town walks, visits to wellness saunas, and seeing the northern lights. What is nice is that everything is already scheduled and planned, so it is up to you to pick your experience. 

50° North 

There are certain companies that specialize in Scandinavia, and 50° North is one of the top in luxury travel in this region. 50° North invites you to stay at an off-grid luxury campsite by one of the oldest Fjords in the world. This seven day remote glamping experience offers a helicopter ride, guided hikes, fishing, boat rides, and even whale safaris. The campsite is private and equipped with its own outdoor hot tub and sauna. In addition, the tents are large and with enough space to stand and move around. They include beds, furniture, and even have their own bathrooms and hot showers. No matter what route you choose though, Greenland is one to put on the bucket list.

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