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5 Summer Destinations to Add to Your List

Rohan Vasa, Writer


Summer 2022

If you sat on the sidelines last summer, you absolutely had FOMO. Everyone, their mom, J. Lo + Ben were in the south of France. Anyone who was anyone was at the UNICEF gala in Capri (oh, the stories). This year will be even better. Here’s where to be this summer.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

This is hands down the most sought after place to be July 1st. But, we hate to break it to you, even if you want to throw money at the problem it’s going to take a miracle to get rooms at the top tier hotels. Don’t lose all hope though, because if you’re dialed into the right people (aka us), we try our very best to make it happen.

But back to those views, beach clubs, and life is good moments, that’s the reason why you go to the Amalfi Coast. Spend a day on the island of Capri, taking in the views and soaking up the sun and the glamor of the Fontelina Beach Club. Although the hotels can be underwhelming, Hotel La Palma has just opened right in the heart of Capri. Of course, if you have never been to the Blue Grotto it is a must visit for first timers. A small row boat will take you to a cave with the bluest waters you have ever seen. The best views of the Amalfi Coast are from the water, so be sure to take a boat out and explore. 

Crete, Paros, Antiparos, Greece

Of course there’s always Santorini and Mykonos, which are classics in Greece, but like the Summer 2021, this 2022 the cool crowd is spreading their wings. These islands have the combination of nightlife and now some notable luxury boutique hotel openings. The main advantage that these islands offer is a chance to escape, to enjoy good food and scenery without the crowds and craziness. The hotel Domes of Elounda dominates luxury on the island of Crete. But, there are also several large luxury villas in Chania.

People don’t normally know about the island of Paros but it’s only a 45 minute ferry from Mykonos. It has all the great food and parties of more popular islands but with less tourist traps. Parilo is the design hotel on the island with architecture that pays homage to its Cycladic roots.

And then there’s Antiparos which is only 2 kilometers away from Paros and is connected by a ferry. Many smaller islands surround Antiparos where people come to visit the local museum, the cultural sites, and of course the Cave of Antiparos. A great authentic hotel to stay at on the island is The Rooster

Saint Tropez, France

There are the big names for hotels in the South of France, the Byblos in Saint Tropez is your optimal place if you want to stumble home after Les Caves du Roy. But the rooms there or at the Cheval Blanc are slim to none. However the beauty of the South of France is that there are a selection of boutique hotels outside of Saint Tropez proper but are still close enough to all the fun. If you’re looking to see some art, the museum in Saint Tropez (located in a restored chapel) offers some of the best paintings done by the likes of Picasso and Matisse, who came to live and work inspired by the beauty of the landscape. But, the reasons to go to Saint Tropez are for the rosé all day, the glorious lunches at club 55, and of course the atmosphere at the hotel, Lily of the Valley.  

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza was hot every summer until a little thing called the pandemic made us pause. But, in 2022 we are happy that like Coachella, Ibiza is back this summer. Enjoy a return to parties that go on till the morning with a slew of international DJs and clubs. A great place to stay that’s a little removed from all the partying but still within an arm’s reach is The Sixth Sense. It is located on the northern tip of the island, with views of the sunset every evening. Of course, if you’d prefer a place closer to the beaches, Nobu is a great option. It is a boutique escape where you can hear the sounds of the waves at night. They offer multiple suite sizes for families or an entourage of friends ready to take on all Ibiza offers. 

Azores Islands, Portugal

Portugal is one of those under the radar destinations. With options like the bustling city life of Lisbon, the historic streets of Porto, or the golden beaches of the Algarve, people often forget about the Azores Islands. But, these islands are one of the most green and sustainable places in Europe. This archipelago of nine unspoiled islands are thriving, UNESCO even deemed three of these islands as biosphere reserves. The island’s topography comes from volcanic origins with breathtaking craters, lakes, lava tubes, caves, and hot springs. The volcanic activity even influences the food, where meats and vegetables are slow cooked underground with thermal heat. A great place to stay is at The Terra Nostra Garden Hotel, where there are thermal pools and botanical gardens just steps away. 

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