A New Hotel in Antiparos

The Rooster
Antiparos The Rooster

Greece is the hottest international destination this summer. And this is one of those places that we almost can’t share. We have to remind ourselves that it is our job to spread the word. Yes, this hotel is so special that you don’t want too many people to know about it. Couple that with its location in Antiparos, which is like the anti-Mykonos, and you have yourself that elusive secret paradise of a vacation. So here goes: This brand new hotel in Antiparos on our radar is…

Antiparos Hotel The Rooster

Welcome to the Authentic Greece

Antiparos is one of the less-traveled Greek islands but one that epitomizes the authenticity and heart of Greek culture and life. This new hotel in Antiparos, The Rooster, opened this year as a wellness and lifestyle resort on the island. Its self-described mission is the “luxury of Slow Living through Sustainable-Local-Organic-Wellness-Fun-Learning-Inspiring-Experiences.” Sounds pretty good to us.

Antiparos The Rooster

The Hotel

The 17 individual suites are scattered among various houses throughout the property. The dreamy beige-and-natural vibe of the decor puts you in a Zen frame of mind. The rooms are large by Greek hotel standards, with the smallest around 900 square feet plus outdoor space. If you have a group of friends, there is also a six-bedroom farmhouse for partaking in the wellness retreat together.

The Rooster Dining

The Culinary Program

Of course this place has its own organic farm, which is the source of a lot of the ingredients for the simple, healthy Cycladic cuisine. At the farm, you have the opportunity to forage ingredients to make your own meal. The food looks sublime, and we’ve heard from our on-the-ground locals that it’s as good as Greek food gets.

The Rooster Lounge

Spa & Wellness

We bet that you leave here better than you came. Yoga classes are in a stunning outdoor pavilion, and you can customize your own wellness program. The spa takes a holistic approach and offers Ayurvedic treatments, along with an extensive facial and massage menu. All early reports state that is The Rooster is something special; it’s the new hotel in Antiparos on our radar this month.


Q: Where can one look at the different room options?

A: The Rooster’s website has a section explaining the various housing options here. It describes the layout of each house and provides images.

Q: Where can one inquire about bookings?

A: [email protected] is the resort’s booking email.

Q: How many dining options does the Rooster offer?

A: The Rooster has four dining locations. There is the restaurant, the bar, and the secret garden, with the cuddle puddle in development. More information about these options is on the Dining section of the website.

The Rooster Information

Address: Livadia Bay, Antiparos 840 07, Greece

Phone number:   +30 2284 440900


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