The New Mandarin Oriental Villas

Rohan Vasa, Writer
new Mandarin Oriental Villas

This summer jet-setting is back and it’s time to travel like never before to the top destinations in the Mediterranean. There are some sure things in life that are can’t-miss. Like gelato in Italy. Sunshine in the South of France. And now, we can add a guaranteed good time at the new Mandarin Oriental Villas. The Villas are your vacation homes turned private hotel, held to the famous Mandarin Oriental standards. Destinations include Ibiza, Mallorca and the South of France. Here’s the first look.

Mandarin Oriental

Although Mandarin Oriental started in Hong Kong, the company has expanded to over thirty locations around the globe. With properties now in Asia, The Middle East, Europe, and The Americas, Mandarin Oriental sets the standard for service in the world of luxury travel. There is actually nothing quite like the signature Mandarin Oriental service, where they genuinely make you feel like it really is their pleasure.

So in addition to hotels, the Mandarin Oriental is taking their show to the foray of villas. Think of it as your own private Mandarin Oriental experience, but instead of it being in a bustling hotel, you get the MO service in a vacation home. 

The Villa Collection

This new 2022 collection of properties is situated in some of the most sought after destinations in Europe. In addition, there is a comprehensive range of stays, from beachfront properties to decadent manors on private estates. This not private enough for you? Well, there’s also a villa located on its own private island. No matter what you choose, each location provides intimate seclusion while also bringing together fun, because private’s doesn’t have to be boring. This seasonal collection has eight properties to choose from, with locations like Mallorca, Ibiza, and the South of France. In other words, the places to be for the party, this summer.

The Villas

The villas range from accommodations of eight to twenty. Most of the properties are between 5,000 – 10,000 Euros a night, but there are two exceptions. There is a smaller villa on a hill in Deiá, Mallorca for 4,000 Euros. It accommodates a group of eight and has its own pool that overlooks the ocean.

The other exception is the jaw dropping private island just a few minutes away from Ibiza by boat. This stunner can accommodate 10 guests and ranges from 20,000 – 30,000 Euros a night. It’s befitting of a trip with entourage to Ibiza this summer, which is one of the top places for 2022. 

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