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Kim Cattrall is back on ‘And Just Like That’

Joelle Mentis, Author

Kim Cattrall is back on And Just Like That. It may just be a cameo, but even a cameo is enough to get excited over. Arguably the most quotable character, Samantha was the wise 45 year-old elder whose rags-to-riches, breast-cancer surviving, adventurous life brought depth to SATC. But the beef with her costars led her to turn down the reboot. However, even if she doesn’t love SJP like we do, she is at least loyal to her fans, if at least for a hefty sum. It doesn’t really matter though why Kim Cattrall is back on And Just Like That. Samantha is back, and New York City just got a little more interesting. While you get ready for the air date, here are some of the places And Just Like That was filmed to get you in the mood.

The Place: Lexington Candy Shop

The Overview

Once upon a time, NYC was lined with luncheonettes. Today, Lexington Candy Shop stands as a century-old reminder of a time before Grubhub, when cheap eating happened on the go. The luncheonette serves menu items that have been around for decades. And the milkshake mixers, coffee urns, and famous gooseneck soda fountain all date back to the 1940’s.

Located on museum mile, the luncheonette would likely provide an easy lunch spot for the Upper East Side loving Carrie. And its likely also one that has been a favorite since her Sex and the City days.

When we heard Kim Cattrall is back on And Just Like That, we got an urge to revisit the OG SATC locations. All of them like Buddakan, EMP, and Magnolia Bakery give us as much nostalgia as Lexington Candy Shop.

The Place: The East Pole

The Overview

If you live in the 60’s, The East Pole is where you’ll take a first date you want to impress without trying too hard. In the show, it’s the perfect Monday brunch spot. But don’t try to go there for brunch on a Monday because they actually aren’t open. Also, don’t, as Sanford does in the show, request that your three-top become a four-top because you’ll just seem very annoying.

That all said, you should go to The East Pole if you’re in the area and looking for a farm-to-table meal with a beautiful ambiance. The brownstone-located restaurant has delicious menus for brunch and dinner, with toasts, oysters, frittatas, burgers, and creative cocktails. The sunny mary with yellow tomato and mango is a sweeter take on the bloody mary, while a golden turmeric latte will cure a hangover if need-be. Carrie won’t compromise good food for a good ambiance. The East Pole is a natural favorite.

The Place: La Grande Boucherie

The Overview

You might not think of coming to Midtown for French food. And we’re not saying you should start, unless you’re visiting La Grande Boucherie. The french restaurant with 50-ft glass ceilings, and Belle Epoque decor works beautifully as the setting for a lunch between Charlotte and Lily. Unfortunately, the lunch is dramatically cut short when Charlotte learns of Lily’s promiscuous post on her finsta.

All eventually works itself out, but sadly before the women can indulge in the steak frites, eggs bene, and award-winning escargot. But, really, the restaurant serves as an ideal set with its unique NYC setting. The restaurant has taken over the underpass between 53d and 54th street, installing some of the best outdoor and quasi-outdoor dining in the city.

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