Celebrity Spots on Martha’s Vineyard 2023

Abbey Alexander, Writer

Amy Schumer - Martha's Vineyard

You know a place is pretty special when it attracts presidents from Ulysses S. Grant to Obama, the latter of whom had an epic birthday party with the top of the A-List from Jay-Z and Beyonce to Oprah in attendance. So, with all these celebs who summer on the Vineyard, where do they hang? This is the list of where celebs go on Martha’s Vineyard.

The Spot: Winnetu Oceanside Resort

The Celebs: Barrack and Michele Obama, along with their 200+ A List friends


When you’re a former President of the United States, especially one as personable as President Barrack Obama, you make a friend or two. In President Obama’s case, your friends are the top of the A list in Hollywood. To kick off his 60th birthday festivities on the Vineyard back in 2021, the welcome cocktail party started out at the Winnetu. Set right next to the ocean, the Winnetu is a 100+ year old family-owned hotel on Martha’s Vineyard. This isn’t necessarily a traditional places where celebs go on Martha’s Vineyard, because it’s pretty low-key. But for President Obama’s festivities, it was celeb central, where everyone from Oprah, to Bradley Cooper, John Legend and Tom Hanks came in to fete their friend.

Sitting on eleven acres of coastal paradise, guests can choose from 55 rooms and suites, and 80 privately owned homes. And in true Martha’s Vineyard fashion, the resort hosts a weekly New England clambake on its front lawn.

Harbor View Hotel

The Celebs: Steven Spielberg and Bradley Cooper


Harbor View Hotel claims to be an A-lister in and of itself. And they have the credentials to back that up, with over 130 years of experience in the luxury hospitality industry. The most luxurious hotel on Martha’s Vineyard is the Harbor View, which is right in Edgarton. Edgarton is where all the restaurants and bars are located, as only parts of Martha’s Vineyard can serve alcohol. There’s no shortage of celebrity legends in the halls of Harbor View. Our personal favorite dates back to 1975, when Steven Spielberg and the cast and crew of Jaws took up an entire floor of the hotel. Recently, a $15 million dollar renovation has upped the luxury factor, sporting new amenities like a heated saltwater pool.

It’s rumored, though not confirmed, that Bradley Cooper stayed at the hotel with his daughter Lea when he came in for the exclusive birthday party of President Obama. Regardless of whether or not Bradley Cooper stayed at the Harbor View, it’s by far the worthiest hotels of where celebs go on Martha’s Vineyard.

Farm Neck Golf Club

The Celebs: Bill Clinton


Part of the essence of Martha’s Vineyard is taking in the low-key scene. That’s why President Clinton makes frequent summer visits, and of course he’s going to catch a round of golf.  Spike Lee reportedly owns a home off the 18th fairway. The Farm Neck Golf Club is a semi-private club in Oak Bluffs. When  you have a celeb that likes to golf, it’s top of where celebs go on the Vineyard.

The course was designed in 1979 by Geoffrey Cornish, the dean of New England golf course architects, and is sat 4 miles out to sea, overlooking Nantucket Sound. It’s undoubtedly one of the most idyllic spots on the island, with its sprawling undisturbed greenery and glimpses of the ocean.

Beetlebung Farm Market

The Celebs: Amy Schumer


Back in 2018, Amy Schumer married herself a nice farm boy, from Martha’s Vineyard. Her husband, Chris Fischer wears many hats. He is also a renowned chef, farmer, cookbook author, and now restaurant owner and one of the founders of Beetlebung Farm Market.

Beetlebung is a 6 acre regenerative farm, which sells fresh produce to the local community. Their farm house boxes are almost too pretty to eat. You can expect to see celebs coming in on the down low, as they need their veggies like the rest of us. That’s the thing with celebs; where they go on Martha’s Vineyard are the simple farm stands and coffee spots. Because that’s what the Vineyard is all about; a low-key life.


Amy Schumer’s husband Chris Fischer is also in a new restaurant venture. After years of experience working under celebrity chefs like Mario Batali, he’s started his own Martha’s Vineyard venture, Convington. For the Vineyard native, the restaurant is a love letter to the island, with personal experiences weaved into each dish. Their cuisine– from produce to poultry– is carefully sourced from island purveyors. The space itself is a former-deli-turned-upscale, but the owners were careful to keep the rustic charm intact even after a full renovation. Covington serves a diverse selection, from fresh pasta to even fresher seafood. Located on Edgartown’s Main Street, the restaurant’s season picked back up again on May 25th.

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