Sofia Richie’s Honeymoon Destinations

Sofia Richie's honeymoon

In case you haven’t heard, Sofia Richie’s wedding to Elliot Grainge just became the royal wedding of the year. Arguably, it may be one of the top five weddings of the century, because this is a case were money does buy you class. Sofia Richie’s wedding was at the iconic and timeless Hotel du Cap Eden-Roc, one of the most exquisite places in the world. When you get married at the Hotel du Cap, it’s going to be tough to beat. In fact, many people over the past 150 years have actually done their honeymoons at the Hotel du Cap. So of course, we can’t wait to see where Sofia Richie’s honeymoon with Elliot Grainge lands. Until we get the intel, these are the places we would recommend for Sofia Richie’s honeymoon destinations.

Update: Sofia Richie’s Honeymoon Hotel Revealed

Since publishing the places that would be perfect for Sofia Richie’s honeymoon, we have the actual hotel they’re staying at in the Maldives. Check out the link below at the end of the article.

Singita Lebombo

South Africa

A honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to hop on a plane to Africa for the first time. Or, the tenth, because no matter how many times you visit, it doesn’t diminish how special Africa is, and the impact it has on you. Your heart opens, even the hardened ones, when you see life in a country like South Africa. There is a special connection with nature and people, that you get when you’re in Africa. For Sofia Richie’s honeymoon destinations, she and her husband Elliot would be able to experience a lifetime safari. They could also explore the stunning beaches and bustling city of Cape Town, then head to the vineyards in Frankshhoek. South Africa has it all.

Where to Stay: Singita Lebombo for safari, Ellerman House in Cape Town and La Residence in wine country.

Six Senses Seychelles

The Seychelles

For Sofia Richie’s honeymoon destinations, she and husband Elliot Grainge may gravitate towards beautiful, remote islands. They did get engaged in Hawaii, so clearly they are a fan of nature, scenery and the beach. The Seychelles is just that honeymoon that is exotic and special, that could follow Sofia Richie’s incredible wedding. The Seychelles are a cluster of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Africa. Their remote beaches on La Digue are reachable by a rugged hike or by boat, and you feel like you’re on a Robinson Crusoe adventure.

Where to Stay: The Six Senses Seychelles or the Four Seasons Desroches Island


After their wedding and the grand scale of planning, for Sofia Richie’s honeymoon destinations with Elliot Grainge, they may just want to head to a remote island. Enter in Fiji, which is about 1,300 miles away from New Zealand. (Another perfect place for Sofia Richie’s honeymoon). There are more than 330 islands that are part of the Fiji archipelago, and it’s one of the places you get beautiful beaches, but also culture. Remote and natural beauty only begin to describe the rich visual palate that is Fiji. It’s a lifetime place to put on the list.

Where to Stay: Como’s Luacala Island

French Polynesia

We’re going to cut to the chase on this one, because the real hitters vacation at The Brando in Tahiti. Everyone from Pippa Middleton and her billionaire husband, Oprah, Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio and Obama vacation at The Brando. Kim Kardashian is a regular there, and even hosted her 40th birthday by buying out the entire island for her friends and family. So for Sofia Richie’s honeymoon, there’s not going to be a more exclusive place to get some R&R with her new husband.

Cape Kidnappers

New Zealand

As far as top honeymoons go, this is the destination that’s remote yet has it all. There’s a good restaurant scene in the major towns, top luxury hotels, active pursuits and plenty of scenery. There’s also wine tasting, helicoptering to remote spots like Minaret Station and taking in the charming New Zealand culture. New Zealand is exotic, yet it’s mainstream enough not to take you too out of your comfort zone. People love it so much that almost everyone comes back and puts owning a home in New Zealand on the bucket list. In fact, if you look at the celebrities who did exactly just that and bought a home in New Zealand, you know a place is special.

Where to Stay: Huka Lodge, Matakauri Lodge, The Farm at Cape Kidnappers and The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs. These are some of the most luxurious hotels in the world.


We have a lot of safari for Sofia Richie’s honeymoon destinations, because it’s such a lifetime experience. This one is the most long shot of the options though, but one we would recommend for those who have been everywhere. Kenya is the heart of Africa, and where you get some of the most authentic safari experiences. It’s also where you can go further afield and explore the Kenyan coast, where the likes of Naomi Campbell have extraordinary homes. The beaches in Kenya are some of the most unspoiled places in the world.

Where to Stay: Agama Mara for safari and Sirai, one of the most beautiful hotels in the world.

The Winner: The Maldives

As far as a destination that could not be more of a juxtaposition to the South of France, Sofia Richie and her new husband can head to The Maldives. The Maldives have 26 atolls spread out over 35,000 square miles. Each of the islands is almost like its own country, and it’s here where you may just get the most turquoise water in the world. Sofia Richie’s honeymoon in The Maldives would be all about relaxation and spending quality time with her new husband Elliot.

Where to Stay: One&Only Reethi Rah, Cheval Blanc or Kudadoo Maldives Private Island

Sofia Richie’s Actual Honeymoon Hotel is….


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