Tina Turner

Where did Tina Turner live?

We know that question is what a number of people have asked, because it sure wasn’t Los Angeles. In fact, it had been quite some time since Tina Turner had been photographed. There’s a reason for that. The answer to the question of where did Tina Turner live is how she was able to live such a normal existence. Tina Turner lived in none other than Switzerland, which was her home for the past few decades.

A Trailblazer

Tina Turner defied age, and not just because of her exterior beauty. Although she was a well-known performer since the sixties, her major solo success happened at the age of 44. That year, in 1984, Tina Turner released Private Dancer, which brought her to next level fame. What you may not know though about her is where Tina Turner lived for the past few decades, which was the country of Switzerland. In fact, she let go of her U.S. citizenship and was a Swiss national at the end of her life. Outside of Zurich is where Tina Turner lived with her German-born Swiss husband, most recently visiting their $70+ million weekend home. It was befitting of the rock legend.

Tina Turner’s Switzerland

Some people downsize as they advance in age, but where Tina Turner lived in Switzerland by no means could be considered a small abode. At over 24,000 square feet with 10 buildings right on the Lake, Tina Turner’s home outside of Zurich was a compound. Located right on Lake Zurich, Tina Turner was in good company, with neighbors like Roger Federer nearby. Before she purchased this home though, she was a renter like many of us, because Swiss law does not allow non-citizens to purchase property. For many years Tina rented the largest private home in Zurich, from a well-known Swiss businessman. In fact, Zurich is where Tina Turner lived for the past few decades, as she attributed much of her fame to the support of the European market.

Tina Turner’s Favorite Zurich Restaurants

As a long-time resident of Zurich, Tina Turner had her favorite restaurants. Kronenhalle, the traditional Swiss beer hall, was on her restaurant circuit. While it’s touristy, it’s popular with locals alike. It’s where you could see Tina enjoying an authentic Swiss meal. Kronenhalle opened in 1924, so it’s coming up on its 100th anniversary next year. It’s not just tradition that keeps its doors open. Kronenhalle is the classic Swiss restaurant that combines elegance and liveliness, in a historical traditional setting. The original dining room is the Chagall Room, which naturally has Marc Chagall paintings. There is also art by by Pierre Bonnard, Fernand Léger, Édouard Vuillard and Auguste Rodin. The Chagall room is a more semi-formal dining room where many a Swiss business deals are done.

In addition to the Chagall room, there’s also the Brasserie, which draws large groups of people in a lively setting. For those who need the most privacy, the upstairs Swiss Gallery is where not to be seen. The beauty of where Tina Turner lived in Switzerland was that she could go anywhere, and live a normal life. The Swiss don’t do the whole paparazzi chase thing, so for decades Tina went about life like the rest of us.

Tina was a true local though, as virtually everyone has their favorite local Asian spot. Tina’s was the Shangrila Tibet Restaurant. And yes, they do have authentic yak on the menu, so Tina was clearly adventurous when it came to her takeout.

Tina was known to entertain privately though the most, and spend time with her close friends within the tight-knit Swiss community. Clearly where Tina Turner lived in Zurich was home, where she passed away after a long illness. She will be greatly missed not just in Switzerland where Tina Turner lived, but around the world. Tina Turner was Simply the Best.

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