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Top Celebrity Spots on Martha’s Vineyard

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

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Reese Witherspoon, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Chelsea Handler, Spike Lee, Diane Sawyer, Michael J. Fox, Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence, Larry David, the Obamas and Seth Meyers & many more are some of the notable celebs on Martha’s Vineyard. We could go on, but you get the picture. Below are the spots on Martha’s Vineyard where you’ll be asking these notables to pass the peas.

Beach Plum Inn

This quaint inn, in the 350-year-old fishing town of Menemsha, is the respite you’ve been waiting for. Perhaps, if you’re like Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence, a stay at this beautifully simplistic inn on the coast could be your much needed break from the bustle of everyday life. But you should also just come here for the food. The inn’s restaurant, founded by Chris Fischer, husband of Amy Schumer, has been known to serve the most famous celebs. Though the restaurant boasts a star-studded clientele, the picnic table seating and sound of distant waves conjure a nostalgia possible only at this understated inn. Dinners here are nothing less than classic elegance, and you’ll probably want to ’gram the beautiful presentations. But when on the Vineyard, you’re going to want a place to fuel up before hitting the beach. We recommend coming between 7:30 and 10:30 a.m. to enjoy breakfast with a view. Familiar favorites like oatmeal and pancakes are on the menu, but don’t expect the expected. The inn’s onsite farm provides eggs that you, too, can harvest, which make the food exceptionally fresh.

The Covington

Also owned by Chris Fischer, the Covington is another place to people watch, although, once you’re there, you might forget all about the A-listers nearby. You will get absolutely lost in the Vineyard romance that this restaurant embodies. Taking inspiration from island features like bays and pastures, this restaurant exudes Vineyard life. Like at Beach Plum, the food is all local cuisine, so you can be sure you’re going to enjoy anything on the menu.


As written about on Reese Witherspoon’s blog, this place is a restaurant you’ve gotta come to for sunset. Alchemy takes an experimental approach to its menu, gathering inspiration from France, Spain, Italy and, of course, its home Martha’s Vineyard. Nearly 20 years old, this restaurant has had time to accumulate more positive press and celeb clients than you can count. Chef Christopher Stam, who has a celebrated resume in NYC (Jean-Georges, Spice Market) creates delectable favorites that push the boundaries. This is also the place you’ll want to go for drinks. The wine list is off the charts, and Martha’s Vineyard Magazine has named its cocktails the best on the island, five years in a row. The restaurant also boasts three separate dining experiences: the bright first floor, midlevel elegance, and a top floor with a cozy fireplace. No wonder celebs love it; there’s something for everyone.


Staying with friends and feeling like hitting a bar for drinks? l’etoile, located in a converted historic whaler’s house, is the dreamiest spot for a pre- or post-dinner cocktail. This casual elegant place is a fave of celebs for its intimate, romantic vibes. Whether you want to sundown on the outdoor patio, and even relax on the outdoor Adirondack chairs, l’etoile is the perfect place to dine with those you love. l’etoile’s inventive menu caters to local cuisine, but the classics are reworked to highlight the season’s best produce, meat and seafood. When you dine in this old converted house, you’ll feel a nod to homely comfort that is super-upscale.

Nancy’s Restaurant

As far as summer jobs go, waitressing is pretty high up there. At least that’s what Michelle and Barack Obama’s daughter, Sasha, thought when she landed a job at this local and celeb favorite. Whether you’re here for a snack and drink at the bar or a date night upstairs, Nancy’s restaurant is a go-to. Nancy’s not only does the classic lobster roll, but fish in all forms. They have two largely Middle Eastern influenced menus and an entire sushi bar. They pride themselves on their sashimi, souvlaki and sauvignon blanc. And with a breathtaking view of the harbor, there’s no wonder why people come here for every kind of event.

Larsen’s Fish Market

While relaxing on the Vineyard, not every night is going to be a dress-up-and-go-out kind of night. Even celebs sometimes feel like staying in. But that doesn’t mean compromising on dinner. If your rental has an oven or, better yet, a grill, pick up your fish at Larsen’s family-owned fish market, where notables have come for the catch of the day and prepared fish alike. Opened in 1969, this institution has served the community since the Kennedys ruled the island, and to this day, Larsen’s can be counted on for the highest-quality fresh catches and classics like lobster rolls, fried fish and oysters.

Mad Martha’s

Started in 1971, this family-owned ice cream shop is a fave of the Clintons. We’re going to be real: There’s nothing fancy about Mad Martha’s, but there doesn’t need to be. With three locations across the island, you pretty much can go anywhere and be within walking distance of one, which we’re warning you, might get dangerous. Voted the best ice cream in countless MV mags, the classic, rich flavors from Mad Martha’s can’t be beat. What we love is that Mad Martha’s has ridden through trends and fads and stayed true to its authentic ’70s vibe. A trip (or three) here will transport you a different, perhaps easier time.

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