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Philanthropic Chic Fashion

Sarah's Bag
December 7, 2018
By , Style Writer

Sarah’s Bag, from designer Sarah Beydoun takes the concept of a statement piece to the next level, both through its provocative yet classy collections, and through its philanthropic intention. Each bag is handcrafted by one of two hundred underprivileged Lebanese women, who are oftentimes prisoners or ex-prisoners the company has trained and employed since 2002. These women use their earnings to overturn wrongful convictions and support their families, and are encouraged to teach their newfound artisanal skills to their communities. They become stellar craftsmen, sometimes working up to 25 hours on a single piece, and adding their own personalized touches to Sarah’s vibrant and luxurious style.

Each collection from Sarah’s Bag has its own unique personality, ranging from “Rise up!” - a collection of protest clutches, to the sophisticated and glamorous “Oriental” collection and the vacation-worthy “Tropique C’est Chic.” The bags are made using a variety of evolving techniques, including marquetry, and wood and pearl inlay. A good cause has truly never looked so chic.