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Berry Trifle Recipe

Just because we’re celebrating in smaller numbers this year doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate in big, extravagant fashion when it comes to food. Our Berry Trifle with Vanilla Cream is a showstopper, both in its dramatic colorful presentation and its deliciousness. It’s the type of dessert that you can leave out while playing board games next to the fire and there won’t be leftovers. This berry trifle recipe is sorta healthy. Sorta. An Episode of Friends We first heard of…
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Sofia Richie’s Honeymoon Destinations

In case you haven’t heard, Sofia Richie’s wedding to Elliot Grainge just became the royal wedding of the year. Arguably, it may be one of the top five weddings of the century, because this is a case were money does buy you class. Sofia Richie’s wedding was at the iconic and timeless Hotel du Cap Eden-Roc, one of the most exquisite places in the world. When you get married at the Hotel du Cap, it’s going to be tough to…
Sofia Richie's honeymoon
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8 Unique Museums Around the World

A world without art would be a world without beauty. In honor of the original Art Basel (you know, the original event held in Basel, Switzerland) that’s coming up, we have a list of museums for you. Yes, we went outside the box for this one. We would go as far as to say that these unique art museums from around the world are a destination unto themselves. There are some museums that attract thousands of people a month and…
museum of islamic art
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The Reluctant Traveler Hotels

You loved him in American Pie. He was hysterical in Schitt’s Creek. We may be biased, but his best role yet may be as a travel show host, on Apple TV’s Reluctant Traveler. Eugene Levy, at 75 years old, makes you want to hop on an airplane, with his new show. Besides his humor, it’s all about the luxury hotels. These are the Reluctant Traveler hotels, that should be on your travel goals list. Mad Love for Eugene Part of…
Eugene Levy
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Six Cities Rich in History

We all have our reasons why we travel. Some of us travel for food, others travel to shop. Some even hit the road to learn about the world, through culture and history. If you’re all of the above, and especially the latter, we have the right cities for you. There is some really cool stuff out there, so these are six cities rich in history that might just blow your mind. History Heavy in the Med The Mediterranean is a…
Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet

The Ultimate Adventure on the Nile

There’s something about the end of the year that makes you take stock. Did you achieve everything you wanted? What’s the meaning of life? You know, questions like that. Well, we have a place where you can figure that out. One of the biggest bucket-list destinations in the world is Egypt. It’s where modern-day civilization pretty much started. Egypt has the pyramids of Giza. Abu Simbel. And it has the Nile. Most of your time in Egypt will be spent…
adventure on the Nile
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On the Go With Gal Gadot

We have to hand it to Gal Gadot: She knows how to pick her projects. Not only are they big Hollywood blockbusters, they’re also set in some spectacular locales. Whether she’s navigating the Nile in a murder mystery, or saving the world in England and Italy in Wonder Woman (it was filmed in those countries), you’ll want to put Gal’s spots on your travel list. A Villa Fit for Wonder Woman Sometimes a really gorgeous setting for a movie can inspire…
Gal Gadot
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The Best Couscous Recipe

GALAVANTE TV Welcome to The 195: The Cooking Edition where Galavante Founder Christine Drinan cooks recipes from all 195 countries while traveling the world. Today’s episode is inspired by Christine’s trip to Algeria, where she was clued in to the best couscous recipe in the world. We share our cooking tips on making an authentic couscous that is so savory, light and fluffy that this meal will become an instant favorite in your home. So while it make take at…
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From Afghanistan to Ukraine: Part II

This is the story of Masouma Tajik, a courageous women who self-evacuated from Afghanistan. Masouma fled from Kabul airport with a group of Wall Street Journal journalists from Kabul in August 2021.  This was the tragic period of time, that Afghanistan fell to the Taliban. Her refuge was Ukraine, where her plane landed in August 2021. Without a background in the language, any funds, contacts or resources in Kyiv, Masouma began to rebuild her life. But then tensions rose between…
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The Most Well-Traveled Celeb

If there’s one guy in Hollywood you want to bro down with, it may just be Denzel Washington. He seems so down to earth, like a normal dude — but of course, much cooler. If you had your shot at talking to Denzel, you might want to ask where he likes to travel. He’s got good recommendations, as he’s one of the most well-traveled celebs out there. The Hotel: Il San Pietro di Positano The Destination: Positano, Italy Of course,…
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Trevor Noah on Vacation

Sometimes we feature celebs because they give us #yachtgoals. Sometimes it’s because they know how to do it up big on vacation. In this case, Trevor Noah is just darned cool. So we’ll have what he’s having on vacation. Here are five spots where you can see the world like Trevor Noah on vacation. Singita Resort, South Africa One would assume that a born-and-bred South African knows where to go when it comes to vacationing there. Trevor Noah hasn’t let…
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