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Berry Trifle Recipe

Just because we’re celebrating in smaller numbers this year doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate in big, extravagant fashion when it comes to food. Our Berry Trifle with Vanilla Cream is a showstopper, both in its dramatic colorful presentation and its deliciousness. It’s the type of dessert that you can leave out while playing board games next to the fire and there won’t be leftovers. This berry trifle recipe is sorta healthy. Sorta. An Episode of Friends We first heard of…

Top Hotel Golf Courses

Golf enthusiasts are kind of in their own club. We won’t say a cult, but once golf starts running through your veins from now until the fall, we know what you’re doing on the weekends. By popular request, we have your list of the top golf hotels around the world. Because golf is just as good of an excuse as any, to head to Ireland. Or Scotland. Or just stay close to home at a classic, that’s pretty much the…
Hotel Golf Courses

Where to be Now – Cuba

Cuba may just be at the most ideal fulcrum point, where the underdeveloped charm and the arrival of boutique luxury hotels and cool restaurants meet. This means that before Starbucks arrives, the time is now to visit Cuba. That is if you’re into experiencing the authenticity that makes the country so special. There’s a music scene to experience, history to learn, art to see, and salsa to be danced. Maybe a Cuban cigar or two, because after all, when in…
Cuba Old Havana
The Special

Luxury Hotels in Cuba

The Hotels As part of the criteria to support locals, the hotels that are generally available to Americans are small boutique properties. There is a list of prohibited places that Americans cannot stay, which are considered government-sponsored. We’ll include one of them below, because if you’re from the UK, for example, you won’t have the same limitation. Our list are the luxury hotels in Cuba, that are perfect for groups of friends and family. We have a separate list of…
cuba guide

The Best of Cuba Restaurants

This moment in time is a renaissance for Cuba, now that the country has fully reopened for tourism. The hotels in Cuba, top restaurants, music and art scene gives you a chance to see the Cuban hospitality shine, while providing a comfortable level on the luxury scale. The food in particular may not currently earn a Michelin-star, but it’s made with love. The availability of fresh seafood and the inventiveness of the Cuban people shine through in the restaurant scene.…
The Special

Where to Eat in Guatemala

Travel is something that does not cease to amaze me. I’ve been to over 130 countries. I often think I know what to expect when I explore a new place, and actually 9/10 my gut is right. However, every once in a while a place pops up that defies my preconceived notions and surprises me. Guatemala is officially on my list of pleasant surprises. I would go as far as to say that it’s on my list of top places…

The St. Barths Hotel Guide

St. Barths’ hotels have been through the wringer over the past few years. First the hurricanes; then, after a full rebuild, the pandemic. But 2023 is looking good, and St. Barths is better than ever. (If that’s possible, because it was pretty darned good before.) Maybe that’s because St. Barths is the idyllic getaway that you dream of in the dead of winter. Perhaps it’s because of the people-watching; during certain times of the year, there are more celebs than…
st Barths hotels guide
Hotel Reviews

Eleven Experience Bahama House

You know the Bahamas for the beaches and the surreal blues where you can’t find where the sea ends and the sky starts. Then there’s swimming with the pigs, which really is quite the experience. But maybe the most elegant part of the Bahamas is Harbor Island, which is like the Nantucket of the Caribbean. Here’s where to stay in the Bahamas.  Overview The Bahamas is made up of over 700 individual islands and cays, but perhaps the most authentic…
where to stay in the bahamas; eleven

Where to Reset in 2023

You put on a show for the holidays. Entertained the in-laws. Cooked up a storm. Picked the perfect gifts for the 40+ people on your list. You need a vacation. Or an even heavier lift, like a reset, for 2023. Whether you do it now or later, you need to take care of you. These are the places where it’s all about the zen. No boozy brunches (unless you seek them out). No FOMO because of lots of action going…
reset vacations 2023
Celebrity Travel

Top NYE Celeb Spots

When celebs are left to their own devices over the holiday, there’s bound to be some good fodder  — especially when they’re on vacation. There are, of course, the usual suspects, like St. Barths and Aspen, where it’s like a celeb convention. You don’t usually find the hottest movie stars, musicians, and models ringing in the New Year at home.  But there are some unique spots, too where celebrities spend New Year’s. The Destination: Aspen The Celebrities: The Kardashians, Mariah…
Top NYE celeb spots

Unique Holiday Destinations

We have to break it to you, but you may be missing out this holiday season if you’re thinking the usual suspects from Christmas to New Year’s at this point. Yes, we know how much you love you some Mustique, St. Barths, and Aspen. We have mad love for those spots, too. However, when one villa door closes, another one opens. We have eight places you may not have thought of for the holidays — from Dominica to Mauritius, and…
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