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Berry Trifle Recipe

Just because we’re celebrating in smaller numbers this year doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate in big, extravagant fashion when it comes to the food we’re serving. Our Berry Trifle with Vanilla Cream is a showstopper, both in its dramatic colorful presentation and its deliciousness. It’s the type of dessert that you can leave out while playing board games next to the fire and there won’t be leftovers. It’s sorta healthy. Sorta. We first heard of a trifle on an episode…

The 2022 Galavante Travel List

The 22 Top Travel Destinations  for 2022 It’s a pretty darned good way to start out the new year: feeling like the possibilities are endless. And by that we mean at work. With family. In life. Whatever you want, you can make happen. And if that is traveling the world, well, we have a list for that. Some places on this list are pure hedonism — because we all deserve some mind candy. Others are meant to broaden the horizons. Now is…
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A Cool Hotel in Tbilisi

There are some places to stay that stand out from the pack. This hotel is off the beaten path, in the up-and-coming city of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia (the country, not the peaches). The building is an old printing factory, which already gives it a leg up on cool. But then there are the 360-degree shower jets, which take it all to the next level.  While it’s not traditional luxury, it’s better.  The Stamba is hands down the best…
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The Court Bouillon Method

We have a kitchen trick that’s going to rock your world. If you haven’t heard of court bouillon, don’t worry, we hadn’t either. Until Brian DiMarco of Harlem Standard introduced us. But this technique to steam everything from shrimp cocktail to vegetables is going to take your culinary game to new heights. The Court Bouillon Method Some cooking techniques are complicated, but yield worthwhile results. That’s not the case with the French technique of court bouillon. Court bouillon is the…

Top Apps that Teach Kids Financial Literacy

There’s a reason you can afford that special family vacation, and for most, it’s because you saved your pennies.  So while you make take your kids around the world in grand fashion, it’s never too early to learn the value of money.  Remember those piggy banks you had as a kid? Well today’s apps that teach kids financial literacy are way more sophisticated. It’s the start of the year, and if you’re not on an app already, we have the…
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Saks: The New Work Space

Work from home? That’s so 2020. The new year brings the opportunity to work from where you want, on your terms. If that happens to be within 300 feet of the best shoe department in NYC, well, even better. Saks (as in the department store) is in the office space business now. And it’s cooler than we thought. The Details If the pandemic has taught us anything about work, it’s that we can do it from anywhere. But instead of…

Sustainable Fashion in the City

Mila Grgas, Writer The new year inspires a lot of us to clean out the closets. After all, we have to make room for the new. But before replenishing your wardrobe with a shopping trip to Europe, consider these resale stores in NYC that’s a treasure trove. Because sustainable fashion is the new cool, and some of these pieces have never even been worn. It’s like the RealReal, but with pieces that just left the runway. Here’s the scoop on…
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Detox With Hugh Jackman

Joelle Mentis, Writer You know Hugh Jackman. He acts. He sings. He dances. He’s the ultimate triple threat. But did you know you can add hotelier to that list? And it’s not just any hotel. It’s one without booze. Just in time for your wellness January. So get ready to detox, eat well and embrace clean living — just like Hugh.  Hugh Jackman’s hotel may just get you in the best shape of your life. The Details: You might be…
Founder's Note

Hello 2022

I have to say, I am surprised to write you and reference the pandemic.  When I originally started my Editor’s Letter back in November, it was to announce the Roaring 20s had arrived.  That was when New York City was back full tilt, the Parisians were more fashionable than ever and everyone and their grandma (literally) were booking trips to travel around the world.  Then came Omicron. Last Year, This Time At first, just like the start of the pandemic,…
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Shop ‘Till You Drop: Cities With the Best Sales

If you thought the best sales in Italy were in Milan, you may be surprised to know that Florence gives it a run for its money. The coveted European sales, which only happen twice a year, are here. And right in time for Paris Fashion Week, too. These are the cities to take part in “Soldes!” and shop till you drop. Milan Everyone knows Milan is the fashion capital of the world. The birthplace of Prada, Versace and Valentino earns…
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Green Cookware for Healthy Eating

Like with interior design, a massive transformation is currently happening in cookware. Even chefs who previously only prescribed to All-Clad or traditional Calphalon are into a new breed of green pans. Never coated with chemicals, and nearly always forgiving to every cook. Here’s a favorite line of green cookware that will make everyone a master chef.  You can try it out yourself on our recipe for the best eggs that will be part of your regular routine. Introducing Caraway New…