Berry Trifle Recipe

Just because we’re celebrating in smaller numbers this year doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate in big, extravagant fashion when it comes to food. Our Berry Trifle with Vanilla Cream is a showstopper, both in its dramatic colorful presentation and its deliciousness. It’s the type of dessert that you can leave out while playing board games next to the fire and there won’t be leftovers. This berry trifle recipe is sorta healthy. Sorta. An Episode of Friends We first heard of…
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Dua Lipa’s India

We all know that Dua Lipa can sing. She also showed us she had acting chops in Barbie. But Dua can add world traveler to her list of talents, as she pops up in cool and under-the-radar places around the world. Her recent trip to India was just #goals, and these were the spots on her list. Spotted at: Umaid Bhawan Palace and Mehrangarh Fort Location: Jodhpur, Rajasthan Dua Lipa’s vacation began in Jodhpur. The picture with the gorgeous painting…
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Travel to Sri Lanka Now

Sri Lanka has always had beauty. There is nothing like exploring the tea plantations of the world. It’s always also had historic sights and culture, where there is something so majestic about Sigiriya. Trust us, you need to see it in person. And don’t get us started on the food. You can eat your way through the country with variations of fresh and light curry like you’ve never had in your life. What Sri Lanka has not always had though…
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Top Places to Ski this 2024

Few legal activities can count as a healthy addiction. Top of that list is chasing powder, whether you board or you ski. So, about this time of year, you’re ready to hit the slopes, at least once. The world is your oyster, but not all ski resorts are created equal, or created for every level of skier. There are those who learned to ski while they were learning to walk. Then there are those who married into families that ski.…
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Mocktail Recipes Inspired by Hotels

You don’t need Dry January to have an excuse to make a mocktail. Whether you need an afternoon pick me up, or just feel like a refreshing drink, there is a mocktail for that. What makes these mocktail recipes next level is that they are from hotels around the world. From the Maldives, to Savannah Georgia, you can bring the world home to you. The Hotel: Vakkaru Maldives Vakkaru is a luxury hotel set within the UNESCO protected Biosphere Reserve…
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Cool Places to Travel in 2024

Regina and Christine are in rare form this 2024 which is a sign of what’s to come on the podcast. And this year is already shaping up to be an epic one for travel as they talk about what should be on your radar. Whether you travel for luxury hotels or if you’re looking for a place to rock your world, Regina and Christine have a destination for that. First Check out The Top 24 of 2024 Every year, we…
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Soneva’s Secret in the Maldives

We’re not being cute here. Soneva Secret makes the trifecta as it joins its sister properties Jani and Fushi in the Maldives. Like siblings, Secret is related, but uniquely its own. With just 14 villas on an atoll, it’s a completely different vibe too, where you’re essentially at the end of the earth for your stay. This is the first look at Soneva Secret, one of the new hotels in the Maldives. A Hotel of Private Villas Opening in March…
Soneva Secret Maldives

The Top 24 Places for 2024

Travel is like a bottomless bag of gifts; no matter what you unpack out of it, there’s always something new to experience. Even people who have been everywhere, haven’t been everywhere. And if you’ve already been to a destination, there’s almost always something new to discover. Our Where to Travel in 2024 list is unique, in that it’s places that as the discerning traveler, you actually would want to go to this year. That’s the criteria of our roadmap, or…
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Top Wellness Retreats

It was an epic holiday season where there wasn’t a party invitation declined. You rightfully leaned into the good life and celebrated 2023 in style. The good life though has many definitions. The start of the year is the optimal time to plan out your wellness strategy. It could be as easy as getting a trainer at the gym, or working with a nutritionist. There’s no need to go at it alone though when wellness also gives you a reason…
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Top Places to Stay in the Maldives

We all have goals, and whether you realize it or not, you’ve pretty much made it in life. If you step back objectively, you’ve achieved more than 95% of the population. Even better, your family, friends, and relationships are in a happy place. In other words, life is good. So what do you have to look forward to? The answer is a lot, which is the beauty of travel. There’s always a new place to discover and a new experience…
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6 Best Amans in the World

You know a hotel is pretty special when it turns the most demanding people into bona fide junkies. What we mean by that is when Aman builds it, the top of the food chain will come. It doesn’t matter how far-flung either the destination is, and in fact, the more remote, the better. When Aman arrived on the scene over 25 years ago, it indisputably created its own class of luxury. So what, you’re asking, makes Aman so special? Yes,…
Ubah Amangiri
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