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Berry Trifle Recipe

Just because we’re celebrating in smaller numbers this year doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate in big, extravagant fashion when it comes to food. Our Berry Trifle with Vanilla Cream is a showstopper, both in its dramatic colorful presentation and its deliciousness. It’s the type of dessert that you can leave out while playing board games next to the fire and there won’t be leftovers. This berry trifle recipe is sorta healthy. Sorta. An Episode of Friends We first heard of…
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8 Unique Museums Around the World

A world without art would be a world without beauty. In honor of the original Art Basel (you know, the original event held in Basel, Switzerland) that’s coming up, we have a list of museums for you. Yes, we went outside the box for this one. We would go as far as to say that these unique art museums from around the world are a destination unto themselves. There are some museums that attract thousands of people a month and…
museum of islamic art
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The Guide to Uruguay

Once in a while, a destination comes around that makes you want to pack it all up and buy a horse farm in the countryside. And you’re not even into horses, but it’s that inspiring. So if you haven’t met Uruguay yet, it’s time to get an introduction. This is the guide for where to visit in Uruguay. It’s rare to find a place where you can simultaneously feel like an adventurer and a resort-destined hedonist. The unofficial outpost of…
guide to Uruguay

Classic Brazilian Recipes

Once you get a taste of real Brazilian food, you’re more likely than not going into addiction territory. What’s better than meat on a grill? Maybe the classic cheese bread, right out of the oven. Or pumpkin shrimp that you never knew you needed in your life. Here are a few classic Brazilian recipes to put on the dinner menu tonight. Camarão na Moranga (Shrimp in Pumpkin) We firmly believe that the cooler a food’s history is, the better it’s…
classic Brazilian recipes

The Fasano Trancoso

You may not know it, but there’s a small town in Brazil that celebs have been traveling to incognito for ages. Where people like Anderson Cooper can feel the sand under their toes and go completely (well almost completely) unnoticed. The pace is slow, yet authentic. The music is influenced by the deep African roots in the South American community. The food is sublime, even the simplest meal at a random café on the beach. And the beach, well, it’s…
Fasano Trancoso
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Where to Eat in Buenos Aires Now

The more things change, the more things change. For instance, Buenos Aires, which saw its restaurant landscape transform after that little incident called COVID-19. The good news is the eats are still, well, good. In some cases, even better. Think of this as your go-to list for where to eat in Buenos Aires now. The Restaurant: Mishiguene Good For: Elevated comfort food Buenos Aires is not short on restaurants and cafés offering Jewish and Mediterranean food. None come close to…
Buenos Aires Restaurants
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An Argentinian Wine Escape

There’s a new hotel in the Argentinian countryside that’s your next holiday retreat. And if you’re a wine lover, there’s nothing better than staying at a winemaker’s house. Set in Mendoza wine country, SB Winemaker’s House & Spa Suites is where it’s summer in South America, and the Malbec is hitting just right. The South American summer is a great time to experience SB Winemaker’s House & Spa Suites. At this new hideaway, pioneer winemaker Susana Balbo and her daughter…

Unique Holiday Destinations

We have to break it to you, but you may be missing out this holiday season if you’re thinking the usual suspects from Christmas to New Year’s at this point. Yes, we know how much you love you some Mustique, St. Barths, and Aspen. We have mad love for those spots, too. However, when one villa door closes, another one opens. We have eight places you may not have thought of for the holidays — from Dominica to Mauritius, and…
Unique Places to Spend the Holidays- feature; rainbow
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Alicia Vikander

Some actors are naturally good at everything. Oscar winner Alicia Vikander just walks into a scene and it’s a good movie. Whether she’s in Tomb Raider, starring with Bradley Cooper in Burnt, or gracing a Louis Vuitton ad, she owns it. She has good taste in travel, too. Here are three spots Alicia vacations. From Spain to Italy to Brazil, Alicia travels the classics. These three iconic escapes will satisfy your travel cravings anytime of year. 1. Formentera, Spain While Alicia vacations…

Top Villas in Mexico

You have the coin, you’ve even taken time off. Now the question is where should you go. Well, we have a place for that. If there’s more of a go-to destination than Mexico, no matter where in the world you live, we’re not aware of it. Mexico ticks all the critical boxes that make a good vacation. Lots of sun? Check. Great food? Well, there’s never been a guacamole in a molcajete that didn’t please a crowd. And luxurious places…
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A Luxury Hotel in Brazil

There are some hotels that stay with you for years, maybe forever. Enter Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort, a destination unto itself. It doesn’t hurt that it’s located in beautiful Brazil, outside of Florianópolis. Ponta is a triple threat – luxurious rooms, service, and terrific food. Here, breakfast starts with a seven-course tasting menu. This luxury hotel in Brazil will be your excuse to return to the country. A Destination Luxury Hotel in Brazil You can describe the Ponta as…
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