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Things to Make Your Life More Parisian
September 23, 2020
By , Founder

You’re finally home after that temporary relocation, and you’re feeling the need to nest. And you’re missing Paris. These candles by Cire Trudon are your must-have.  This is no quick trend though; these guys have been around since 1643, so consider this a classic.  You may be wondering what makes these candles special, to warrant the $95 price tag and up to $495 for the “Great”?  It’s too bad we can’t ask the court of Louis XV, who were fans of the candles, as well as Napoleon, but when you’ve been around this long, it comes down to quality.  And of course they smell damned good, where Abd el Kadr, a Moroccan mint inspired scent, is a Galavante house favorite.  For a limited time, Balmain and Cire Trudon have teamed up to create a limited edition candle.