• Saturday, October 31, 2020

Most Expensive Candles

The French Candle Revolution
March 16, 2016

The Product:  Cire Trudon travel candle in Abd El Kadar

Why we love it:  When we’re on the road for one night or twelve, we like to create a calming oasis in our home away from home.  There’s not always a luxury hotel option when we’re doing our philanthropic work in Africa, but the Cire Trudon travel candle in Abd el Kadar, a Moroccan mint scent, goes a long way to elevating the luxury of our room. Cire Trudon is the insider’s luxury candle; since 1643 when they opened up on the Rue du St. Honore in Paris, they’ve been making candles from everyone from Louis XV to Napoleon to the soldiers during the French Revolution.  Today, you’ll find these candles, which are a small fortune, in the homes of purveyors of knowledgeable and good taste.  Need to find a gift for the person with everything?  Cire Trudon is it. 

Buy it:  Barneys, Gracious Home and Maison Trudon.