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The Perfect Bar Cart
October 14, 2020
By , Writer

This may be a pandemic, but our glasses are always half full of whatever we have lying around, whether that’s wine or whiskey. We can still gather in small numbers while social distancing, so you bet we’re having a few friends join us. And of course, entertaining means not only supplying good alcohol, but also creating the ambiance in which to enjoy it. And when you have a beautiful bottle of (X), you’re going to want to give it a home where it will sit proudly. We’ve written about the importance of great style, especially when it comes to the details, so when you’re pouring drinks for your guests, you will want a great place to accommodate all the accoutrements. Yes, we’re talking about your bar cart. And not just any setup will do. Luis Hill has given us some expert tips, such as curating a collection of sentimental items to liven up a space. Check out how to set yours up with Luis. If you’re still looking for special pieces to complement your favorite martinis, we’ve got you covered. Any good bar cart should have beautiful glassware, an ice bucket to chill those drinks, tools to make the perfect cocktail and a beautiful classic decanter, which is the one piece we would suggest to put some investment into.  Then of course, you need the cart, which you should consider a gathering place for your guests.  Here are a few of our favorites.  

The Cart:  Terrace Bar Cart by West Elm 

Price:  $399 

This glamorous art deco-inspired cart is understated yet chic enough to make the perfect subdued statement in your den or living room, and is a good base for those glamorous access, whether you’re going classic or modern. Its wheels and petite size make it portable, so you can easily try it out in every room.

The Glasses:  Versailles Glasses by Jonathan Adler

Price:  $128

Glasses should be fun and pieces that your guests will admire to the point they will spark conversation.  They should also be nice enough, but not so nice that it will the time if one of them has a mishap and is broken.  You are drinking cocktails, after all.  

The ice bucket is your chance to express yourself, so we have three of our favorites. 

The Ice Bucket: The Prospect Glass Ice Bucket, Crate & Barrel

Price: It’s on clearance for a reasonable $38

We like this because 1) the price – this is not going to break your bank and 2) it looks chic and the wooden lid and glass base add an element of masculinity that should be on every bar.  Don’t worry – we have a cocktail shaker below that will be the yin to this masculinity yang. 

The Ice Bucket:  Cheetahs Ice Bucket by Katie Kime

Price:  $88

If there’s once place you can be fun and frivolous, it’s your bar cart.  Why not have a cheetah printed ice bucket?  

The Ice Bucket:  The Berlin Ice Bucket by Jonathan Adler

Price:  $348 

We have a lot of Jonathan Adler on here because well, he’s just awesome.  It’s tough to compete with his bar accessories and this Berlin Ice Bucket is him flexing his muscles on innovative design.  

The Cocktail Shaker:  Mother of Pearl Mosaic Cocktail Shaker by Be Home

Price:  $70

Yes, you can go for a plain silver shaker, or gold shaker if you want to mix it up.  But we like this mother of pearl shaker because it’s unique, and balances the masculinity of a bar cart with the elegance of the pearls.  

The Tools:  Five-Piece Macho Mantiques Barbell Brass Barware Set by Jonathan Adler


Price:  $198

Jonathan Adler is just in the Hall of Fame as far we we’re concerned on bar cart accessories, so we chose his line for the tools, which you should never have to purchase again. 

The Decanter:  Beluga by Baccarat

Price:  $590

If there’s one piece to splurge on, it’s a good decanter.  Like the bar tools set, you should never have to buy another, unless you want to start to collect these.  You should have an everyday decanter for wine, like a Zalto, and then there’s the display decanter, which will sit on your bar with your favorite scotch or cognac. For the classic option, we couldn’t think of a better line than Baccarat, because they’ve been around for over 500 years, and will be around for at least another 500 more.  

Greenery: Plants by Bloomscape 

It may not be intuitive, but every bar cart should have some life either next to it, or on it.  Most people go for flowers, but if you’re into plants, this is your time to try your green thumb and invest in a money tree or other beautiful potted plant.   . Plus, keeping up with fresh flowers is a full-time job. If you follow the instructions, indoor plants can stay around forever with very little upkeep and will be like one of your family. And not only are these plants aesthetically pleasing, but they also remove toxins from the environment and help purify the air.If there’s one thing you should do to be prepared for the election, it’s to make sure your home bar is stocked. Stocked well and stocked in style. Did you know to make a proper Bellini, you need a special spoon? These are a some of our favorite bar cart accessories, so you’re ready to make any cocktail like a pro.