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DVF Wrap Dress

It’s a Wrap
April 7, 2014
By , Galavante Contributor

The wrap dress is having a bit of a moment right now: Not only was it the unofficial star of American Hustle, but it’s currently celebrating its 40th birthday with a retrospective in Los Angele at Wilshire May Company Building (through May 1). But to those in the travel biz – or simply in the business of traveling – the iconic piece has always been something to celebrate.

Why? Because the Diane von Furstenberg wrap is universally appropriate and universally flattering. At destinations where covering up is customary, a long-sleeved style can be modest and respectful with tights or leggings. Beachside, though, the dress’s effortlessly chic appeal is perennially on-trend; there’s a reason Kim K is known to wear hers in Miami. We’ve sung the praises of versatility in a travel uniform, and the wrap is nothing if not versatile – its signature tie-waist even conceals the aftermath of too many vacation desserts.

But the wrap dress is convenient for another reason: It’s wrinkle-free (and not in the formaldehyde-treated way). At least in the jersey or poly-spandex styles, which are some of Diane von Furstenberg’s most popular, the wrap never succumbs to the fate of its cotton and linen suitcase-mates. When worn rather than packed, it can come off even an international flight looking fresh as a daisy. No wonder we’re (w)rhapsodic.

(Photo courtesy of Diane von Furstenberg)