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Send in the Armarium
January 4, 2017

Every once in awhile, something  comes along that is too good to share.  Since opening in April 2016, we’ve had the moral dilemma, on whether we should disclose our wardrobe secret to being dressed head to toe, in over-the-top couture.  For us, it means never having to be pictured at events, or Instagram photos for that matter, in the same outfit, while consistently looking sublimely fabulous. 

As we write this, we realize we are showing all our cards, but here it goes.  Welcome to Armarium, the real runway of the highest end couture and fashionista wardrobe for those in the know.  Essentially you get to wear the same clothes as the rarified class of girls whose names are Olivia, Poppy, Tinsley and the like.  English garden party?  They have the perfect floral printed frock by Monique Lhuillier.  Invitation to the Met Gala last minute?  They have you covered in Marchesa.  Essentially for about 10% give or take of the cost of a gown, the piece is yours to borrow.  These are some serious pieces as well, many of them in the $10k range.  They don’t leave you hanging either with just the clothes; their “Style Brigade” makes sure you really don’t look oversized in that dress, and they outfit you from head to toe in jewelry, bags and shoes.  While recycling pieces was made cool by Princess Kate, not all of us can or want to drop $5G on the latest trend.  So send in the Armarium.  Your travel suitcase will never look so good.