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Customizable Luxury Fashion Line

Misha Nonoo
December 26, 2018
By , Style Writer

Quality over quantity is key when it comes to ethical designer Misha Nonoo. Based on the premise of sustainability, and key pieces that can anchor your wardrobe, some of the smartest and most socially conscious people in the world are fans of Misha Nonoo’s work, including former actress, Meghan Markle. Otherwise known as the Duchess of Sussex to you.

Misha’s long-lasting, customized, versatile pieces are a quality investment for a professional woman on the go. Although Misha Nonoo is known for a variety of pioneering breakthroughs (such as being the first designer to use social media as a venue for fashion shows), her true claim to fame lies in her on-demand order process. By accepting orders on an individual basis, Misha Nonoo is able to customize each piece according to specific needs and styles. The process also promotes sustainability, as no leftover inventory goes to waste. Aside from the on-demand orders, Misha Nonoo embraces sustainability at all levels, maintaining a close relationship with the brand’s factory partner, a woman-owned and ethically practicing factory in China.

But it’s not just about the shopping; it’s about impacting the lives of women and girls around the world by giving us an outlet to donate: “A Year of School” and “Women’s Small Business Training” are her two main charities. Misha Nonoo puts her money where her mouth is, and will match donations, covering a second year of education for another girl. Now that is sustainablity.