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Top LA Workout Studios
September 30, 2020
By , Founder

There’s a reason Californians look so good, and it’s likely not the water. These are the top workout studios and best-in-class instructors, who not only know how to make you sweat but share their good vibes energy, which is off the charts. For now, these studios are generally closed but they are doing private sessions with their trainers as well as online workouts.  It’s now that we need to support our gyms and the incredible teachers, while taking care of our physical and emotional health.  

Tracy Anderson

If there’s one studio that should be in the Hall of Fame, it’s Tracy Anderson, who was one of the modern day pioneers of fitness experts, who have become celebrities themselves.  There’s a reason she has staying power, and it’s because her workouts actually work, and they are a lot of fun that it doesn’t seem like exercise.  But the calorie burn is real.  In LA, we love Gabrielle Chow who has incredible energy, both physical and spiritual, that we try to catch her online Zumba classes to patch ourselves through.  Tracy has an online program that if you have some open space, it’s that same innovative dance and targeted toning that you would get in studio.  

Body by Simone

We’ll have what she’s having.  Simone de la Rue, a former ballerina, has come up with a routine that combines cardio classes with toning and strengthening, inspired by her days in the ballet.  The studios in LA are currently closed for group classes, but you can download their app with live classes and the price point is a steal.  For starting at $17.99/month,  you get unlimited streaming classes, a personalized fitness plan and recipes.  While we are all better together, with the winter coming up and a few more months of this COVID business, this is a next best alternative.  

Erika Bloom Pilates

For long-term fitness and maintenance, we’ve bought into pilates, as those friends who manage to stay fit, manage it with this routine.  Like most of the gyms, Erika Bloom Pilates is closed for group and in-person in LA, but she has a virtual program going for your at-home workouts.  The monthly nut for the digital is $90.  The membership in general is a good long-term investment, with studios in New York, LA, the Hamptons and Turks and Caicos.  Someone clearly is able to follow the good weather throughout the year.  


Performix, the private gym that’s the Soho House of the fitness world, runs the gym at the One Hotel in West Hollywood, and they have the best trainers around.  For boxing, book Dean Burrel, who is a pro-boxer originally from Jamaica, with a current impressive 13-1 record.  Yes, he’s a badass in the ring but kind and intuitive with those lucky to train with him. 

Mandy Ingber

If you’re lucky enough to catch one of Mandy’s events, group classes, appearances or a coveted opportunity to practice with her, you should cancel all your plans and do it.  She starts out with the philosophy that you already have the perfect body, which could not be more aligned to the principals of yoga.  Nowadays you can get her workouts online or DVD, as well as read her book which connects the mind and body for more of a lifestyle approach to health.  Her name may sound familiar, as she’s the long-time teacher of Jennifer Aniston, who clearly is doing something very right.