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BLDWN: Your Go-To Global Style Brand
July 24, 2019
By , Style Writer

A brand that melds both fashion and global culture – BLDWN has the clean basics to build the foundation of style for your next getaway. A brand for both men and women, BLDWN redefines modern American fashion with clean and crisp lines, attention to details and the best quality fabrics. One of our favorite pieces from their original line is the perfect hoodie sweatshirt, that was lined with fleece, which is especially cozy when they crank up the air on the plane. Although it’s a hoodie, we’ve paired it with a tweed Giambitasti Valli skirt and it holds its own against couture for a look that exudes confidence, authority, and quality – all staples for any world traveler. The brand is inspired by the designers and their stories, and through the line’s own designs, BLDWN seeks to tell new stories.

The spring collection was a rebrand for the company, as well as a nod to the legendary typeface designer, Fred Goudy. This marked BLDWN’s transition from mainly denim to lifestyle – a more elevated design aesthetic for the brand.

For the upcoming fall line, design director Shayla Guy took a cue from past fashion icons like Edie Sedgwick and Bianca Jagger. “The whole idea is the late Sixties, early Seventies way of high-low” – from back when “artists and poets [were] creating this bohemian glamour that was also aristocratic,” she said. For us, it’s the look we’ll be rocking all over Europe and Asia this fall.