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Best Foldable Jackets for Travel

Uniqlo's Ultra-Packable Jackets
October 23, 2019
By , Associate Editor

Our motto is: always be prepared (or is that Boy Scouts?). In any case, Uniqlo has the solution for when a trip takes you to every conceivable climate, and you can’t check a bag. The Ultra Light Down Coats are packable jackets that you can ball up, to make the perpetual travel companion and layering piece. The jackets are thin, but a lot warmer than they look, as well as rain-proof for those unexpected storms. 

Speaking of looks, besides having the selection of the rainbow in colors, the collar also folds down from a crewneck to a v-neck, so the jacket can stay invisible if you choose to wear it underneath another layer. You know, for when that fashionable Dior coat that really wasn’t made for winter needs an extra layer of warmth. And the best part is that they’re inexpensive – the jackets start at $59.90, and the analogous vests start at $39.90.