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Best Fanny Packs for Travel

Fanny Packs: They're Back
October 30, 2019
By , Associate Editor

Let’s all face it: we’ve spent decades making fun of people with fanny packs (although the preferred pronoun is now “belt bag”). And yet, there’s a reason why they’re so in vogue at the moment, and which seems to be part of the Super Model uniform nowadays. These are some of our favorites, for when we are anywhere in the world. 

The Gucci Print small belt bag

Regardless of what they choose to call it, this is a classic fanny pack – though it can be worn in more ways than one. Inspired by vintage prints from the 80s in two color options, and emblazoned with the Gucci logo, the adjustable belt also calls for a cross-body-bag style – depending on your look that day.

Chanel Waist Bags


Chanel really went all out with these. Their waist bags come in every shape and form, with materials ranging from wool, shearling sheepskin, to aged calfskin and lambskin. They come with embroidered patterns, multiple color variations (from one-color to a printed canvas), and several sizes.

Lo&Sons’ The Waverly2


Perhaps the most versatile waist bag on the list, The Waverly 2 can be worn in four different ways: as a crossbody bag, a waist bag, a shoulder bag, and a wristlet. It comes with an interior slip pocket, an exterior card slot, and multiple interior card pockets. The bag is available in Nappa and Safiano leather. It’s one fanny pack to rule them all.

Givenchy 4G Bum Bag


With this one, the key is simplicity. It’s a sleek black essentials belt bag, fronted by the Givenchy logo. The bag has an adjustable belt strap, an outside zipper pocket, and is made of nylon. Simple, yet chic.