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Bach Copenhagen

Fashionable in Copenhagen: Our Favorite Stores
October 22, 2014

Bach Copenhagen:  Haute Couture

We like to cut to the chase.  Forget all the fluff and formalities, and certainly don't talk to us about face time.  We take this philosophy to shopping, where we know what we like.  Enter Bach Copenhagen, an emporium of good taste and careful curation, for high-end clothing and for the home.  They know their fashion, from the classic furs that could have been worn by Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe, to the latest Phillip Lim and fashion designers from Paris.  

Bjerno:  Local Designers

This store is enough to make you fall in love with Nordic designs, with their clean lines, elegant palate of colors and detailed quality stitching on every piece.  Highlights are the local Mind of Line brand, especially their silk bordered wool geometric pattern scarves.  


Munthe:  Classics and Copenhagen Basics

There are staples  you need in every closet, and Munthe has every single one of them to fit a diverse array of styles.  Camouflage pants with stilettos?  Sign us up.  


 Contrast:  Home Appointments

Get ready to stock your whole kitchen in Contrast, along with serveware and glasses that will inspire you to throw a lavish dinner party.  Better yet nothing here will break the bank; your only challenge will be to get everything home in one piece.