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Art and Fashion

Art Shop
June 11, 2014
By , Associate Editor

Art and fashion are like Chenin Blanc and a slice of Camembert: Great apart and even better together. Like any perfect pairing, they bring out the best in one another. But unlike wine and cheese, the artist-designed retail store is hard to find. If you want to experience true collaboration, you may have to travel. Here’s where to go right now:

James Turrell already knew how to take lighting to the next level using the brain-bending Ganzfeld effect. And to that end, his appointment-only installation at the Las Vegas City Center (well that’s a mouthful) doesn’t disappoint. The perception-challenging experience is a Sin City must.

You probably never expected to swing by Monet’s lilies on the way out of Seven for All Mankind, but that’s what you can do at Hong Kong’s K11 Art Mall. The famous paintings are currently on view at the pioneering “museum-retail” destination.

Canadian store Simons becomes an abstract winter wonderland thanks to a collab with Philip Beesley. Aurora Unveiled brings futuristic whimsy to the West Edmonton Mall branch of the Québécois fave.