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TripAdvisor: Rome

Rome From The Inside
November 6, 2019
By , Associate Editor

Our Galavante founder, Christine Drinan, who’s been to over 100 countries around the world and is on her way to 195, has a local guide of her favorite spots in Rome, where she often travels.

Places to Stay:

Fendi Private Suites
This is one of our favorite hotels in Rome, because it’s such a boutique-y insider experience. The rooms are small, but comfortable and convenient. We also love the roof deck, Zuma Rome – it’s one of the few decent nightlife places to have a drink.

Hotel De Russie
This a beautiful place to stay, and the garden is mesmerizing.

Hotel Eden
Hotel Eden is the nicest place to stay in Rome right now, since it was just redone.


Where to Eat and Drink:

Needless to say, Rome has no deficit of places to eat and drink – you just have to know where to go.

Celebrated for its Bellini cocktails and high-end Italian dining in an antique-filled interior, Harry’s Bar is one of our top recommendations.

La Pergola is your one-stop-shop for a three-Michelin-star gourmet meal and panoramic views of the city from the roof.

For casual lunch, we love Roscioli, which has some of the best casual food in Rome, as well as a bakery, a deli counter, and a wine shop.

The elegant Dal Bolognese Roma is where you go for the scene right in the Piazza del Popolo. People-watching is part of the reason for being there.

For drinks, Zuma is half the nightlife in Rome regardless of whether or not you’re staying at the Fendi Private Suites, and Salotto 42 is another one of our favorites.


The Rome List

Where to Stay:

Fendi Private Suites
Hotel De RussieHotel Eden

Where to Eat and Drink:

Harry’s Bar
La Pergola
Dal Bolognese Roma
Salotto 42