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most luxurious private plane

Mile High Dreams
September 9, 2020
By , Editor

If you ever get invited on this type of airplane, your answer should be yes.  This is Beyoncé and Jay-Z worthy. We chartered this plane recently (no, not to Bey and Jay, as we’re the vault and never kiss and tell), and we had to share. For when you need that daydream of getting away on your own jet to the Maldives, or if you’re a hitter and ready to charter your own plane, we have you covered.

The object of our desire is the Embraer Lineage 1000, which as we said, is maybe the prettiest private plane out there.  With room for 19 of you and your entourage and a range of 4600 nautical miles, this is the jet you take for your around the world trip. In style.  The plane has 5 zones, where the first is the dining area that can be sealed off from the rest of the plane.  Then the fun starts, with a few sitting areas and a proper living room, that has a large screen television. Then there’s the fat master bedroom, so forget the lie-flat bed; this is a whole different kind of mile high club.  

The Lineage has three bathrooms, where the master has a two person shower, 40 minutes of hot water (in case you were wondering) and is nicer than most hotels. But you would expect that, for a $54 million+ price tag.  Officially our favorite plane to charter, and #goals.