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New York Road Trip

Vacation Like 007 - Congdons Point
October 31, 2018
By , Contributor

If 007 took a vacation, this just may be where he would hide away. And the best part is that it’s just a short drive — and small ferry ride — from Manhattan. Welcome to Congdons Point on Shelter Island, the Hampton’s home fit for any international man of mystery. And his Bond Girl. And their children. And of course their nanny.

This place should literally coin the term “billionaire rustic.” It’s got that perfect balance between old school nature and modern tech. Let’s start with the former. Just getting here makes you forget the hustle of city life. As you’re driving your Aston Martin off the ferry, the air is fresher, crisper, and a gentle reminder that work can wait until Monday.


At some point while winding through unmarked gravel roads leading up to the compound you’ll probably wonder if you’ve lost your way and stumbled into some 1980’s horror movie. Don’t worry, you haven’t and you’re right on track. After all, the whole point of a private peninsula is keeping it off the grid. When you pull up, the exterior is exactly as you’d imagine: rustic, natural, and quaint. And the view — well this is all the reason that you would work so hard in your day job, to take in the 270 degrees of water that surround Congdons Point.


Everything about this house is up to date with the latest technology. The entire property can be controlled by touch pad electronics. Ever see the movie Panic Room? Yeah, the whole house can do that (not that you’d ever need to, but it’s cool to know). Plus, it has a decked out sound system that would be any musician’s dream, along with a barn that’s the ultimate man cave, complete with pool table, darts, bar and even a hydraulic lift garage. You know, when Bond needs to make a quick getaway. Whether you’re spending time in the spacious common rooms or sneaking off to the porch for a little privacy, chances are your evenings will be spent outdoors. There are fire pits where you can relax over hours of conversation with your entourage, stay warm, and make some s’mores (or martinis — you didn’t bring that shaker for decoration). Normally, anyone with a house this nice would never rent it. But that’s what makes it such a unique experience. It’s kind of like test driving a billionaire’s lifestyle. So, if someone’s throwing you the keys, why wouldn’t you take it for a spin?