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Loire Valley Day-Trip: Chateau de Chenonceau, Chateau Chambord, wineries, spas, and more

Road Trip: Loire Valley
December 3, 2018
By , Contributor

Paris: the city of lights—and tourists. Lots of tourists. There’s no denying that Paris is one of the hottest spots on the planet. But sometimes, you can have too much of a good thing and it’s time to take a break. Fortunately, the Loire Valley is a short drive away and has so much to offer to visitors looking to beat the city crowds. Not to oversell it, but the Loire Valley is simply the perfect daytrip.

Imagine rolling up to a castle—yes, a legit castle—in your Bentley. Step out with your private guide and stroll through a VIP tour of Chateau de Chenonceau. This is a magnificent piece of architecture sitting directly on the Loire river—pretty sure they did that so that they could see the castle twice: once on land and once in the reflection (and with enough wine, they could see it four times). There’s just no way not to fall in love with it. But eventually, you’ll be forced to pull yourself away from the magic. After all, you didn’t leave Paris just to please the eyes. It’s time to give your taste buds a turn.

Your driver will take you to one of the best, most exclusive vineyards in the Loire Valley, where you’ll get to taste your way through a masterclass with the president of the vineyard. Yeah, this isn’t your typical $40 tasting from the wine bar down the block. This is a full-on educational experience with a real French expert. Oh, and the food isn’t half bad either. In fact, it’s some of the best charcuterie in the world, that pairs perfectly with a glass of wine on a sunny day. Basically, this lunch is a wine-lover’s dream.

But it doesn’t end there. You then head to Chateau Chambord for another VIP tour. If you’re an architecture lover, this place will just about ruin you—in a good way. It’ll make those dream castles from Disney movies look like studio apartments. It’s not just a must see, it’s a must see in VIP style. And when all that walking finally catches up with you, it’ll be time to wind down with a little spa treatment. We’ve got just the place.


Visiting Spa by Clarins is like having a palate cleanser for the body. It’s the ideal pre-dinner way to unwind and recharge. There’s the sauna, relaxation room, the hammam, and even the Clarins treatment (face or body). But remember, you still have the whole night to go explore new wines over dinner! 

There’s only one problem with escaping Paris for a day in the Loire Valley: you may not want to go back. But look on the bright side, that’s a great problem to have! So enjoy the valley of castles, wine, and relaxation for as long as you like. After all, as they say in French: tout est bien qui finit bien.