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Road Trip: The Emerson Resort & Spa
July 6, 2018
By , Features Editor & Copy Editor

What’s two hours from NYC and set in the stunningly beautiful Hudson Valley and Catskills – where there’s no ounce of weekender attitude within a 100-mile radius? Welcome to the Emerson Resort and Spa, home to the largest kaleidoscope in the world, which is reason enough to hop in your car and see what it’s all about.

The Emerson is where you get away from the grind and explore your country roots.  It straight up embodies the simple life. Expect to hike and bike through quaint towns where ice cream parlors are the main attraction. At the Emerson, whether you’re log cabining it in the rustic part of the lodge or if a modern feel is more your speed, its recent renovation has something for everyone. With its farm-to-table restaurant, cooking classes, and seriously respectable spa, it’s the country weekend you’ve always dreamed of.  

So load up your car and make a road trip of it. You can be here. We’ll book it for you.