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Where to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner in NYC

Thanksgiving Dinner in NYC
November 20, 2019
By , Associate Editor

It’s been a busy year. With work, your personal life, endless emails and admin, you didn’t even notice how Thanksgiving 2019 rolled around – and you certainly won’t have time to put together a meal for everyone. Or maybe you just want to change things up a little bit. Whatever the case is, it’s hardly an issue. After all, you live in New York City. In other words, you have countless options for thanksgiving this year. We’re just here to point out the top ones.

Price: À la carte
Details: What does Asian food know about thanksgiving, you ask? A lot. Chef Cedric Vongerichten is going all out this year, with a special French-and-Indonesian-cuisine-influenced meal. We’re talking roast turkey stuffed with Brussels sprouts urap, potato fritter, stuffing, and a long pepper gravy.The festivities start at 11am, and go until 5pm.

Dirty French
Price:$98 per person for three-course pre-fixed menu
Details: This is the cool thanksgiving, by virtue of it being in the Lower East Side. These guys know their comfort food, so thanksgiving is going to be even more special. In fact, they have levels to their thanksgiving offerings. From $98, you get a mille-feuille with king mushrooms and butternut squash, a roast turkey breast and braised turkey leg, and pumpkin pie. But there is plenty of time to level up throughout the night, with a “grand plateau” of lobster, oysters, and clams for $100, a a côte de boeuf with brown-butter béarnaise for $150, and an addition of dover sole spiced with berbere for $110.


TAK Room
Price: $149 per person
Details: Tak is your feel-grand, elegant, modern thanksgiving: it’s for when you want to have the meal in a glass house. This year, chef Jarrod Huth will create a menu of traditional holiday favorites, including a lightly-smoked and slow-roasted Green Circle turkey, classic sides, and decadent desserts. Reservations are available from 12pm until 7pm.


The Grill
Price: $195 per person
Details: This is your big-time old school restaurant, where all the New York power players will be eating their thanksgiving dinner. With special Seagram touches such as pumpkin soup, brussel sprouts, smoked leg stuffing, mashed potatoes, and of course, turkey and Bourbon gravy flambee, your dinner can also be upgraded for an additional $79 to add the famous spit-roasted prime ribs. All this comes with side dishes and traditional desserts such as pecan pie, pumpkin tart, and apple stack. The Seagram Building will accommodate parties up to 20, starting at 12pm.


Price: $105 per person ($50 for children under 10)
Details: On any given day, the reason you’d go is Chef Biju is because that guy knows how to cook. On thanksgiving, that’s even more true. He does all the classics, like roasted butternut squash soup, thanksgiving turkey, yams, vegetables, and pumpkin pie – and rocks at it. But he also does original twists like Chicory & Asian Pear Salad, Red Wine Braised Short Ribs, and crispy Brussel Sprouts and Cranberries. In other words, you have a choice of five holiday appetizers, four entrees, four sides, and three traditional desserts.