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Sting's Villa Tuscany

Tuscany – Every Sip You Take
September 2, 2014
By , Associate Editor

For all their connotations of raucous, swimming-in-the-fountains parties, rockstars have a solid grip on the finer things. Where besides a rockstar’s mansion can you find a private beach (Rod Stewart’s Palm Beach manor), a saltwater pool (Chris Daughtry’s Oakridge estate) or a spa for ten (Tommy Lee’s Calabasas clubhouse)? Admittedly, booking a week at chez Jagger or Bon Jovi isn’t as easy as logging onto Expedia and clicking “book.” But things are a little different with Sting’s Chianti villa.

When the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer isn’t in town, Villa Il Palagio in Tuscany is a vacation rental. And finer things abound, from beehives to olive groves to a classically terraced garden. To the sixteenth-century property, Sting has added a recording studio; to the scenic patio overlooking the Tuscan hills, a life-size marble chessboard. It’s the kind of spirited living that inspires a celebratory mood in everyone who visits the property – and its ornamental fountains (formerly of Sophia Loren). Just don’t go swimming in them.

No surprise, then, that Il Palagio is a hit for large parties. The villa plays frequent host to dazzling functions and destination weddings. But no special occasion is required to convert a stay here into a social event. With the capacity for 200 and a scattering of equally opulent, if smaller, guesthouses, the property practically begs for company. A merry spirit may reign, but more is still merrier.

And once the gang’s all here? The villa is rented in week-long increments, so you’re stuck here for another six days. Throw an impromptu pool party in the scenic hillside swimming pool, or go for a horseback ride – it’s the best way to tour the 900 acres of farm, forest and lake. Or simply relax in the loggia and sample wines. With Sting’s own wine cellar and an annual output of almost 10,000 cases, the estate has enough to sustain you for a decade. Partying like a rockstar never looked this good.