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Ferris Bueller's Day Off – SoHo Edition
July 17, 2013
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief

School may be out, but work is in full session this summer. Welcome to adulthood. If you find yourself obsessively reminiscing about pool rafts and tan lines on a particularly blue-skied, humidity-free afternoon, it’s time to make like Ferris and phone it in. That’s right – our guide to an epic game of hooky is back with a SoHo Summer Edition. We’ll leave professional excuses up to your imagination, as we’re sure you’ve had plenty of time to dream something up while pretending to work. This week, we’re headed to a ‘hood whose sea of weekend tourists make the Hamptons a nonnegotiable option. But during the week, it’s a great place to have a tranquil, quintessentially New York experience. Summer moves pretty fast. If you don’t get out of your office once in a while, you could miss it.

SoHo Ditch Day

Morning Workout – YogaWorks SoHo: Just say Om. Being the good student, it can be stressful to call in sick. But like Ferris, make this ditch day count. A yoga class will put you in the right frame of mind to get the most out of your mental health day. That and the people-watching at a weekday yoga class in SoHo is fascinating. It’s a whole different culture – and level of attractiveness – among those who don’t work in cubicles for a living. Downward dog, anyone?

Option I – The Cooking Class: Most New Yorkers’ kitchens rarely see any action, but if cooking is your thing, catch a class at the International Culinary Center. They have a limited number of one-day courses for the novice chef, from pasta to French classics to cupcake-decorating. If there’s no class scheduled on your ditch day, contact Chef Christine McDonald, a Georgetown grad turned professional chef, who can rock your world with a private cooking lesson in the comfort of your own home. Now this is our kind of private tutoring.

Option II – Where the Cool Kids Lunch: If you’re not cooking up your own meal and prefer to outsource the labor, a weekday in SoHo is prime opportunity to join the local downtowners who reclaim restaurants like Balthazar. Where weekends have long waits and more tourists than the Empire State Building, on weekdays, you’ll find the fashion elite, tier-one models, and unmistakably cool characters catching up over moules-frites and baguettes. And yes, it’s a requirement to order a bottle of wine on your ditch day.

Afternoon Spa Day: Pools are hard to come by in the concrete jungle, especially choice outdoor pools. But an outdoor pool anda hamam? Trump SoHo has got your back. A totally unexpected level of luxury and cool, the Spa at Trump, designed with the heavy influence of Ivanka, draws its inspiration from the Middle East. This is one of the best spas not only in New York, but anywhere. Plan to turn off your phone and check in for a balancing diamond massage (only in a Trump venue do diamonds “balance”) before kicking it poolside.

Afternoon Drinks – Crosby Street Hotel: Whether your preference is traditional English tea service or something stronger, the Crosby Street Hotel is a SoHo oasis during the week. Plunk down on one of the plush sofas and catch up on your reading for a decadent afternoon. As for that novel you’ve always wanted to write? There is no time like the present, or a place more intellectually inspiring, to start.

Shopping Spree: Fueled by caffeine or cocktails, Soho is the NYC neighborhood to get some new threads. From stores like Stella McCartney, which is worth a visit for the decor alone, to Kirna Zabete, which curates the best of the best for a couture closet, to Kiki de Montparnasse, to pick up those unmentionables and the 18K gold Smith & Wesson handcuffs, get ready to do some major damage. Because on your ditch day, everything counts as therapy, to get you ready to return to reality. Bueller? Bueller?