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Sedona Arizona

Feel the Heal
April 29, 2014
By , Executive Editor

We’re not the type to pontificate about health and self-preservation. We’ve been known to bail on Saturday Soul Cycle in lieu of late-morning cocktails. Our iPhone is pretty much fused to our palm. We know it’s easy to fall off the wellness wagon, especially coming off a hellish winter. The good news: Sedona is a great place to hop back on.

Why now: Because it’s the start of spring, the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and it’s time to reset.

Good for: Couples, families and singles ready to get their heal on.


  • A breakfast of steel oats at an outdoor creekside table at L’Auberge de Sedona. If that’s not hands-on enough for you, you can forage for your dinner with Chef Rochelle Daniel.
  • Spending an afternoon at the famous Mii amo Spa at Enchantment Resort.
  • Hiking to the top of Cathedral Rock to catch the expansive views.
  • Checking out Arizona’s burgeoning wine scene (yes, it's happening). Book a tour through Savour Arizona.
  • Taking a day trip to Jerome, an old copper mining town-turned-hippie haven. Get in the spirit and pick up some blown glass at the Raku Gallery.

Suggested stay: 3 days

What to know: Spring is incredible in Sedona – you won’t be disappointed. But, stunningly beautiful though it may be, some areas can feel a bit like an adobe-style Disney World. It definitely has a thriving tourism industry. But don’t worry – there are still plenty of hippies with out-of-body experiences to share. Just don’t believe everything you hear. Or, you know, do.

Where to stay: Sedona is dry; real dry. But L’Auberge de Sedona’s secluded surroundings maintain the lush, cool elegance we’ve come to expect from a L’Auberge property. Just ask patrons Robert Downey, Jr. and ScarJo. (They visited separately, by the way.) By day, the grounds are quiet beyond the serene trickle of the creek – well, save for an 8am creekside duck feeding when things get crazy. Sure, you can sleep through it, but we recommend rising to witness it at least one morning. If you bring the little ones, it's definitely kid-approved. Then have breakfast on your personal deck, or take a short walk to the creekside dining area to fuel up on French toast in the sunshine. By night, cozy up in either a Creekside or Vista Suite. Both have all the necessary amenities, including fireplaces ready to be lit; Vista Suites are more modern compared to the traditionally rustic Creekside Suites. And all of them have private outdoor showers. It's a fact: Outdoor showers are good for the soul.

Enchantment Resort, our other favorite Sedona haunt, is practically camouflaged into the red rocks. Here you’ll find a wide range of healing activities of the spiritual, physical and relaxation varieties. There’s meditation, astrology and vision boarding if you want to look inward. Then there’s Seven Canyons Golf Course, which, many would argue, is quite spiritual. If you’re after a little education, check out their Native American program, or try a painting or astronomy class. And, of course, Mii amo Spa is a destination in its own right. Stay an hour and you’ll want to stay a week. But more on that in a minute. The recently renovated accommodations range from Casitas and Junior Suites (some of which have their own pools) to the larger Haciendas and Casas which come with kitchens, so are great for longer stays. Don’t miss the food (and wine) at the resort’s Che-Ah-Chi. And in case you haven’t heard, Sedona sunsets are epic. Catch one on the patio at View 180.

View from Above
Sedona is like the earth mama of hipster healing destinations – it’s paid its off-the-grid dues, embraced its natural beauty and welcomed the finer things in life. Say you’ve hard-charged all year, barely touching your accumulating vacation days. It’s probably time to hike it out. Sedona’s landscape is flush with multi-level trails and expansive, clarity-inducing vantage points that couldn’t care less about 4G coverage. Hike to the top of Cathedral Rock, or take the Soldier’s Pass trail, which leads you by the Devil’s Kitchen Sinkhole and the Seven Sacred Pools, then by massive arches along the canyon wall as you climb up, culminating in sweeping views from the top of Brin’s Mesa. You’ll really get a feel for the boat-ness of Steamboat Rock from here. And without sounding corny, there’s nothing quite like standing on the top of a canyon with the wind rustling your hair.

Good Vibes
When is the last time you had your energy read? Have crystals made their way into your lifestyle repertoire? Hey – don’t knock ‘em till you try ‘em. If you’re yearning for some healing (Sedona really brings this out in people), you have an abundance of options. There’s astrology, hypnosis, acupressure… you name it, Sedona’s got it in spades. Your hotel will be able to point you in the direction of the most legitimate practitioners around. If you just want to space out with the assistance of a little cosmic energy, head to one of the area’s many energy vortexes, like Airplane Rock or Cathedral Rock. In fact, every full moon on Cathedral Rock there’s a throwdown. We haven't been, but we’re pretty sure there’s a drum circle, so take that for what you will. BYOPeyote. If that’s not really your scene, you can always head to Garland’s Navajo Rugs to inspire a little interior redecoration back home, or pick up a few bottles of vino at Arizona’s new wineries. It’s called “retail therapy,” people, and it works.

Relax and Recharge
The vacation activity that naturally follows hiking is spa-ing, of course, and Sedona offers some impressive options to that end. L’Auberge de Sedona just launched L’Apothecary, its own locally made line of organic products. Choose your service, and create your own customized blend of herbs and tinctures. Alternatively, head to the famous Mii amo Spa at Enchantment Resort. Whether you’re in the mood for bodywork (like a Sedona Clay Wrap), mind work (Energy Intelligence) or both (Psychic Massage – for real), there’s plenty to keep you occupied. If you can’t decide, book a Journey – a 3-, 4- or 7-night program and get all the rest and relaxation you can handle. Which is a perfect way to kick off spring.

(Photos courtesy of L'Auberge de Sedona and Enchantment Resort)