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NYC Fall Activities

NYC Ditch Day: An October to Remember
October 1, 2014
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief

After a summer spent on a friend’s boat in St. Tropez, you’re back to your hard-charging ways. You’ve clocked in long-haul flights every three days since Labor Day, and have at least two deals set to close before the end of the year. While any yahoo seems to be riding the market highs nowadays, you’re actually creating alpha. So after this month of good behavior, you’ve earned yourself a good, old-fashioned ditch day. And we’ve got your hour-by-hour agenda, to make this day count. 

8:00: Let’s Get Physical – The Park Hyatt

As they say, the early bird gets the worm – or the workout and lavish spa treatment. Book an appointment at the new Nalai Spa in the Park Hyatt, and arrive early to partake in their much-nicer-than-the-gym fitness complex, where a pool and 25th floor views are included. 

10:30: The Caviar Breakfast of Champions – Norma’s

It’s the iconic breakfast that any New Yorker worth their salt has experienced at least once. Go (very) big with the $1,000 caviar and lobster omelet, or opt for the Nutella-packed jacks. 


11:30: Looking Good – Drybar & Sharps Barber and Shop

The Parker Meridien is like a hidden city where you could spend a whole day if you don’t keep track of time. Stay focused, and treat yourself to a blowout at Drybar. For the gents? An old-fashioned shave at Sharps Barber and Shop. 


   12:30: Get Cultured – The Whitney

Bypass weekend lines and experience an NYC museum like a civilized art patron. Whether it’s your fifth time or your first, check out the much-buzzed-about Koons exhibit before it closes on October 19th. 

2:00: Lunch at Café Boulud

It’s not a true ditch day without a lavish lunch among the select few who get to live this way every day. Where better to head than the Upper East Side – Café Boulud, specifically, which is still one of the best meals in the city. (Even better with the two-course $37 lunch special.)


3:30: Road Trip

October is a great month to get out of Dodge and take in the fall leaves and countryside.  Your destination: the Glenmere Mansion in the lower Hudson Valley. On the way, stop in the beyond-cute towns of Warwick and Sugar Loaf. Save time to wander the grounds of the Glenmere – you could be in Tuscany but for the major fall foliage going on. 

8:15: Dinner at the Glenmere

Fine dining is alive and well, and it’s taken up residence at the Glenmere. Geoffroy Deconinck, who has worked with the likes of Ducasse and who cooked for Daniel Boulud’s wedding (where Thomas Keller and Eric Ripert were groomsmen, no less) defines degustation with his mind-blowing cuisine. Do yourself the favor and book a suite for the night at the mansion – you can heli back to the city for work the next day. Ferris Bueller would be proud. You’ve officially made this ditch day count.