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New Year in Morocco

A New Year, A New Galavante
January 4, 2012
By , Founder and Editor-in-Chief

And you thought Santa delivered all his gifts. The New Year brings two more: hopes and dreams with a fresh slate of vacation days. At Galavante, we’ll do our part by featuring destinations in our weekly emails to inspire you with ideas on how to spend that time. You’ll continue to get your rock star itinerary and targeted recommendations on where to sleep, eat, drink, and play for our Working Jet Set crew. 

Our weekly emails will provide you even more this shiny brand new 2012. Once a month, we’ll give you the First Look at a hotel that hasn’t yet opened, to keep you in the much sought-after circle of trust. Also within that circle, we’ve created the new Galavante Confidential, for insider tips and the latest in travel news. One of our first features will be The Commodities Report: Buying 22 Karat Gold in India.  It’ll be a way for all of us to channel our inner Wall Street while traveling.

Galavante Confidential is also the name of our new e-book.  Galavante Confidential is your portable mind candy, which gives you the essence of destinations around the world. For our Galavante In Circle – that means you – it’s available at www.galavante2go.com before it hits the masses on iTunes, Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. Don’t be surprised if Galavante Confidential becomes your bucket list.  The world is a beautiful place. 

There’s much more in the pipeline, but we couldn’t do any of it without you.  Galavante was but a wee dream two years ago.  Our humble start-up is growing up, and we hope to make you proud.

All the best to you in 2012.

Christine Drinan, Founder and The Galavante Team

An Excerpt from our New Book, Galavante Confidential.

Our book is available at www.galavante2go.com.

It is with great pride that I write to welcome you to Galavante Confidential. For the past two years, my team and I have traveled all over the world, sourcing the best in hotels, dining, sightseeing, and general debauchery for our website, Galavante. It is these extraordinary experiences that are the foundation for Galavante Confidential. With over 50 destinations across five continents, Galavante Confidential brings the world to you. Galavante Confidential is delicious mind candy, meant to be supplemented by the full articles, specific recommendations, and recipes on our website. 

A wise person once told me that you never regret travel. I’ve spent the last two years in 22 different  countries and over 200-plus days on the road, and I couldn’t agree more.  Travel is our reward for working so hard, and for making personal sacrifices to provide for our futures and to grow in our professional careers. Galavante Confidential is your travel entertainment, offering an everyday escape from the daily grind and inspiring you on your own travels. The Goods feature in each of our destinations gives you the skinny on how to blend in with the local fashions, and also unique souvenirs to bring back from your trips. Our philosophy is that food is integral to experiencing a destination. Cooling Your Jets gives you menu ideas inspired by beautiful places around the world.

My path to become a writer was not a traditional one. Instead of studying journalism, I went to Columbia Business School in New York City to become a writer. It was my acceptance to business school, along with my husband’s swift kick in the pants, that gave me the confidence to leave my job and pursue my passions of writing, travel, and launching my own business. 

I worked in Finance for 12 years, the last five of which were spent at Blackstone, the largest private equity fund in the world. Blackstone’s reputation is well earned: It’s one of the top places on the proverbial Wall Street. I learned a lot about business – and life – during my time at Blackstone. It was after watching our Vice Chairman speak so passionately about our business, though, that I learned my most important lesson of all. In order to be truly successful, you have to love what you do. And with this realization, I knew was in the wrong place. I was officially terrified. 

I wish I could say I took swift action, but it was the Blackstone IPO and two more years of having no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up before I could find my way. It began with my husband working with a client in Europe, and adhering to our rule that we don’t go more than a week without seeing each other. I spent four months commuting back and forth to spend time with my husband in destinations throughout Europe. I am the planner in our family, and I struggled to find a resource that targeted the Working Jet Set. In identifying this need, Galavante was born.  Sometimes it’s about seeing the signs that sparks your coup d’oeil – a flash of insight – that shows you the path. 

The rest is history, or history in the making, as our talented team works to make Galavante the travel resource for the Working Jet Set. Myself, the founders, and our extensive network of locals around the world curate all of our recommendations.  This is yet another reason why business school was so important to Galavante – it’s where you meet a lot of well-traveled, international friends. 

After over a year of incredible travel experiences, we had a lot of material to write Galavante Confidential. My travels and that of our Co-Founders Eva Foust Yazhari, Sharmila Murat, Isabel Greiner, and Cristina Patel inspired Galavante Confidential. Beyond the Founders, the book was a collaborative effort of our accomplished team. The book is inspired by and in many cases includes the direct contributions of our writers. Our Cooling Your Jets writers Christine McDonald and Erica Wilders work with me to create our beautiful menus, and write their own original recipes. In The Goods, Ingrid Saavedra and Miguel Pena source what to wear so that you can blend in with locals around the world and select unique souvenirs to bring home. Jenn Sembler joined us this year to add her witty style to our newsletters and features.  She makes our experiences come to life on paper. AnneLise Sorensen is the Copy Edit Goddess who takes our words and helps us string together a grammatically correct sentence, while shaping our content and giving us a chuckle along the way. 

And where would we be at Galavante without pictures, artwork, and creativity?  Adagion Studio, another Wall Street fairytale story, brought us beautiful photos of Puglia and France. Richard LeBlanc and Scott White from BizCom PR created the gorgeous artwork for the cover and dedication. And last but not least, Nik Simov, our Social Media expert, was the heart behind the book. This was a first experience for both of us, and I could not have asked for a better partner in this adventure.  I am forever grateful for the positivity, patience, and sincerity that he brings to our Galavante family.

After a year, a family is what we’ve become at Galavante, and with Galavante Confidential, we welcome you into the fold.