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Copenhagen - Great Dane
October 22, 2014
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief

You're the leader among your pack of people for the barometer of cool. You're a VIP at Bohemian, where they totally get your gluten sensitivity. You're a regular at the Regency, where each and every waiter comes over to greet you, and the corner table is unofficially yours. And for travel — you know the jet set cities like the back of your hand. Best tea in London? Browns. Sexiest cocktail in Paris? Still the Hotel Costes. Where to spend a layover day in Milan? The Bulgari spa, of course. Well there's a new staple city to add to your list, and we are sure it's already on your radar. Copenhagen.

Standards are high when a country is acclaimed as the happiest place on earth. After all, they did invent Legos. Its icon is a little mermaid. Copenhagen has been firmly on the travel circuit for some time now, but this year and going forward, just about every savvy traveler has it on their agenda. Why? Maybe it's because of the luxury hotel scene, where the d'Angleterre has been completely restored to it's grandeur glory, and the Nimb is as boutique-y cool as ever. It could be the burgeoning art scene, where collectors are flocking to the city's galleries to acquire the next big artist, while heading to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art to check out the greats like Calder and Serra. Perhaps it's because it has the best restaurant in the world, Noma, which is reason enough for us to get on an airplane. Or, we venture to say, it's because the impossibly attractive men and women on bicycles, as far as the eye candy can see. Yes, the city has it all.

Why Now:  As if you didn’t get the gist the first time, Copenhagen is trending high as a weekend destination for the in-the-know traveler, with the most buzzed about food scene (hint: Noma is not the only game in town), the modern Louisiana Art Museum and local fashion designers that will require you to bring an extra suitcase, or ship that Scandinavian design furniture home. 

Suggested Stay:  3 days


·      The food.  There are no if’s, and’s or but’s about it.  From the simple smorrebrod, which are the signature open face sandwiches, to the toughest table in the world to get a reservation Noma, the Danes re-defining the culinary scene.  Make your reservations far ahead of time, as even the simple Schonnenman gets completely booked from open to close for a taste of the aquavit marinated herring. 

·      The hotels.  You’ll certainly pay up to rest your head, but these rooms are worth it.  The Nimb continues to be the leading boutique hotel in the city, located right in the Tivoli amusement park, with antiques worth more than the average home and every single level of detail, from the wood burning fireplaces, crisp white sheets, to Aesop products in each room, perfected.  The d’Angleterre, the most luxurious grand scale hotel in town, has been restored to even better than its old glory, and is located among the most chic district in Copenhagen.  If a hotel ever defined pretty, this one is it, where you’ll be challenged to find a deeper, more comfortable sleep than even home.  It’s one of those hotels that inspires you to hang out for an afternoon, where it’s worth it to spend the time in the aptly-named Amazing Space Spa, dine at Michelin-starred Marchal or just sink into the deep cushions of your couch in your suite, figuring out your Bang and Olufsen entertainment center. 

·      The shopping.  Vintage shops, design stores and local fashion rule.  Shopping is a cultural activity, and you should save a whole day to wander in and out of the stores both on Ostergade and especially on the side streets to the east behind the d’Angleterre, where the real treasures lie.  If you’re decorating a home, this is accessories heaven where there are unique lamps, vases, tables and kitchenware that you will find nowhere else. 

·      The drinks.  From the coffee culture at cafes all over the city, to the classic Tuborg beer, and of course the schnapps, the Danes like their drinks.  We suggest making a stop at the Café Victor to watch the well-heeled walk by, and for evening, head over to Balthazar to experience creations by the best mixologists in the city.  Hot off the presses is Copenhagen’s first real high-end club, Lusso, where the very trendy and attractive imbibe late into the night. 

·      Boating through the canals.  There is a lot of water in this city, and by boat is one of the best ways to get a full lay of the land.  It’s from here that Copenhagen seems Amsterdam-esque, but for the much larger bodies of water, grander palaces and old warehouses turned into food destinations, like Noma.  Unless you’re on your own, skip the touristy canal tours and charter a Go Boat. If you’re feeling like a real splurge, charter the super luxurious Chaluppen, which is the 10th century boat owned by King Christian.  Boating is also a way to bypass the super touristy Little Mermaid, as you can check that off the list as you sail by. 

·      Biking.  If you’re staying at our hotel recommendations, you will be outfitted with a chic bike as your luxury touring sedan for the weekend.  Take advantage of it; this is a city where it’s civilized to bike ride, as well as one of the most enjoyable past times.  You’ll need the calorie burn anyway after eating your way through the neighborhoods, where even the most unassuming smorrebrod will have shrimp and egg salad topped with caviar, and schnapps marinated gravlax. 



The mantra for a weekend in Copenhagen is to eat, drink, shop, art and repeat.  The Danes could not be friendlier, and the city is compact, but action-packed with engaging diversions virtually every step you take.  After a weekend here, it is crystal clear that the top-tier cities to visit around the world are Paris, London, Rome, and Copenhagen.