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Luxury Tour of Egypt

Egypt: Connecting with the Origins of Modern Humanity
March 4, 2019
By , Contributor

You need to clear two spots on your travel bucket list. The first one is for Egypt. And the second one is for going back to Egypt when you realize that one trip wasn’t enough.

There’s almost no other way to say it: Egypt is just so damn fascinating. There’s this mystical, almost spiritual connection you feel with the land. Visiting the Valley of the Kings, taking a cruise along the Nile, or riding a camel through the desert - everything in Egypt has a story to tell. And all the stories are just so damn fascinating.

Egypt’s history is still alive. The same pyramids that hold yesterday’s kings now tower over today’s horizon. The Abu Simbel temples are timeless marvels. Twice a year, natural sunlight shines into sculptures on the back wall of the Great Temple (with one exception: the god Ptah, who was connected with the underworld). The precise solar calculations of this feat still amaze visitors today, even though they were built over 3,000 years ago. It’s no wonder UNESCO spent over $300 million to preserve them.

Egypt is so much more than mummies, the sphynx, and Cleopatra. It’s about connecting with the origins of modern humanity. It’s about feeling the power of a rich and mystic culture firsthand. It’s the kind of place that just seems to make you smarter for having visited. Egypt is an absolute must for any cultured traveler. And on your second, third, or even fourth visit, you’ll get why we’re at a loss of words to describe it. It’s just so damn fascinating.