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Luxury Hotel Oman

The Six Senses Zighy Bay - The Authentic Middle East
June 6, 2018
By , Founder

With all the bling and lavish displays of wealth in the Middle East, you’re left wondering what happened to the authenticity. Don’t get us wrong – we can appreciate seven-star hotels, diamond tiaras on a Tuesday night, and fountains and light shows that put Vegas to shame. But when you’re traveling in the Middle East, there’s something to be said about having a Lawrence of Arabia moment. Stunning desert sand dunes, the Gulf of Oman’s cinematic coastline, and paragliding into your hotel for check in. Yes, you read that correctly. Welcome to the Six Senses Zighy Bay, where we’re betting that the sixth sense is adventure.  

Located in the Musandam Peninsula, the Six Senses is the Middle East of your imagination but with all the comforts of a five-star hotel, and where you just may order the unique Omani lobster morning, noon, and night. Here at Galavante, we’ve traveled a few places around the world and we still dream of that clawless lobster that surpasses even Maine’s seafood.  

Rooms at the resort are memorable, modeled after authentic Omani stone homes and set up as stand-alone villas. It’s like being transported back 50 years, but with plenty of running water in your plunge pool and a soaking tub that can comfortably fit an entourage of four. On evenings when you don’t want to leave the villa, the Six Senses team can set up your own barbecue in the backyard.  

It’s tempting to stay at the resort for the entire getaway (which is what most of the Dubai-based expats and well-traveled European guests do), but there’s a whole world to explore in the area. Everything from scuba diving, snorkeling, biking, visiting old villages high in the mountains, and goat herding – we promised authentic Middle East. Oman is a stunning country to explore, so buckle into your microlight, strap into your rappelling harness, and prepare for the most blissful spa experiences of your life. The Six Senses Zighy Bay offers whatever Middle East adventure you wish to make your own.