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The Monthly: August
August 25, 2014

Welcome to our second Monthly, your new inside scoop to the best our travel, lifestyle and entertainment partners have to offer. Besides Galavante’s online magazine, newsletter and member events, this year we’re offering full-service travel bookings, and for our First Class Members of Galavante, extra exclusive perks at over 1,700 properties and retailers worldwide. For The Monthly, we’re serving up your travel inspiration and insider perks and deals. 

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The Sereno St. Barths

Why we love it: On an isle that defines idyllic, Le Sereno is where the luxuriously chic and low-key congregate by the Miami-esque pool before retreating to their massive Plage suites. 

The insider perk: Welcome bottle of rosé, breakfast, select minibar and upgrade and late checkout when available. Major specials in off-season that get you into the club at a fraction of the in-season prices.

To book: First Class Members – firstclass@galavante.com and non-members Hannah@galavante.com.

c/o The Maidstone, East Hampton

Why we love it: Finally, a place in the Hamptons that matches the luxury yet cool vibe of the destination. It’s our pick for the $10K Hastens beds, afternoon tea service and restaurant, the Living Room.

The insider perk: Galavante members receive 20% off rooms Monday–Thursday, subject to availability.

To book: First Class Members, email firstclass@galavante.com; all other bookings bookings@galavante.com.

red flower, New York City

Why we love it: The gorgeous candles and natural beauty products, especially the new rose oil, which is a travel essential. 

The insider perk: Galavante members get 15% off purchases. 

To purchase: www.redflower.com. Galavante First Class Members contact firstclass@galavante.com

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Our goal is to be your community, to share your recommendations and to inspire you in travel, lifestyle and entertainment. It is you that makes Galavante so unique. Every single recommendation we make at Galavante is from one of our working jetsetters. Our Tastemakers are the foundation for our travel adventures, and you can expect to hear more from them this fall when we formally launch our Reviews & Forums. We are the only company that is Travel for the Working Jet Set, by the Working Jet Set. At Galavante, that’s our mission: to change your life. Thank you for being part of our adventure.  

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