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Brooklyn Dining

The Brooklyn Foodie Roundup
September 9, 2014
By , Galavante Contributor

When it comes to food, you know your stuff. You’ve lined up at Sushi Dai in the Tokyo fish markets at 6am, passing the time with beers alongside the city’s top food critics. (Hey – it’s happy hour somewhere.) You’ve been (white) truffle hunting in Umbria, scored a coveted table at Noma in Copenhagen and, most recently, spent a summer immersed in the foodie culture of San Sebastian. You live to travel, and you travel to eat. So what’s next, besides your Friends & Family table at the Dirty French? Brooklyn. Yep, right there in your own backyard. We asked our Tastemaker, James Weiss, a Brooklyn transplant and former diehard Manhattanite to tour us through his adopted ‘hood. One day, five restaurants. We know you’re up for the challenge. 

The place: Pok Pok NY

The scoop: This James Beard-awarded, life-changing Thai spot sits just north of Red Hook, across from a shipping yard. 

What to order: Neua Naam Tok; Papaya Pok Pok; Khanom Jiin Sao Naam; the Pok Pok Bloody Mary; Southside.

The place: Cacao Prieto

The scoop: Like a beacon of hope in a barren area, look for a 20-foot-tall set of copper tanks distilling chocolate. And whiskey. Add a Parisian bar, a cigar store and apothecary of chocolate products, and you have yourself an oasis. 

What to order: The tasting flight and any chocolate you can lay your hands on. While they’re hosting the Nat Sherman pop-up, make sure to hunker down for a cigar.

The place: Hometown BBQ

The scoop: This is not part of the series of brisket letdowns. This is the real deal, even for the most critical BBQ aficionado. 

What to order: Brisket, sausage and jerk. 

The place: Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie

The scoop: You could have dessert at Hometown – they have individual portions from Steve’s – but go directly to the source. Steve’s Shack (it literally is a shack) is near the water on Pier 41. Buy a pie, wander out to the pier and down it with a view of the Statue of Liberty.

What to order: Key lime pie; chocolate-covered frozen Key lime.

The place: Red Hook Lobster Pound

The scoop:  While the food truck and the Manhattan outpost are a serviceable substitute, there’s nothing like the original.

What to order: Lobster rolls. Duh.