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Californication – The Top Five Hotels in California
September 30, 2020
By , Founder

The moment we’ve been waiting for – California is officially off the quarantine list. So pack your bags.  There’s something about that eternal sunshine, laid-back lifestyle, impossibly fit beautiful people and scenery that make California the definition of an escape. A drive along the Pacific Coast Highway alone will make you want to take out that checkbook for a place in Malibu. On the beach. Because you want to dip your toes in the sand. But the whole state is a winner, and these are our top five favorite hotels for a Californication fall.

*Note:  As of publication date, Napa has been hit with wildfires again and our heart goes out to everyone in the region.  Two of our hotels, because Napa as a region has the best hotels in California, or on our top list, and wildfire or not, they are among the best in the state.  We will continue to support you and know you will be back.  

The Peninsula Beverly Hills

Why we like it:  The Peninsula is like Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed Icon list – it’s always going to be considered one of the best hotels, no matter what new ingenue comes along.  In the heart of Beverly Hills, you’re more likely to see a Middle Eastern King, head of a movie studio, the biggest star in Hollywood and an Oscar winner, and sometimes even together, having an afternoon tea.  But besides who stays there, there’s a reason why people who can stay anywhere they want, stay at the Peninsula.  Rooms and service are impeccable, and that afternoon tea we mentioned makes us want to order a few rounds of those delicious sandwiches.  

Nobu Ryokan, Malibu 

Why we like it:  We love the rooms – the high minimalist design, views of the Pacific Ocean and being able to run down to Nobu for a quick bite, because you know what we mean when that rock shrimp tempura craving hits.  This may be our new favorite hotel in LA, as it’s like an oasis of serenity, while having an interesting people watching scene at the restaurant.  And while hotels in California aren’t inexpensive in general, this one has created a whole new price point, with rooms at over $1,500+ on a good day.  Worth it. 

Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur

Why we like it:  The whole vibe of this place, which is another consistently not only best hotels in California list, but one of the best hotels in the United States, takes you far away from whatever is going on in your life.  Set on the most prime real estate in Big Sur overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Post Ranch Inn has created something with their hotel that is achievable by only the top 1% of hotels.  The suites overlooking the Pacific with fireplaces and outdoor soaking tubs are a favorite, where you don’t even need to leave your room or the resort. The food is excellent with a capital “E” where half of it was just brought in from the garden outside.  Always an A+ experience.   

Meadowood, Napa Valley

Why we like it:  This is where the grown ups stay in Napa, and we really like feeling like grown ups on a wine weekend trip.  The hotel is one of the more refined in Napa, and has one of the best restaurants in the state.  As grown up as Napa may be though, Meadowood has one of the most robust children’s programs of the hotels in the region, where while you’re wine tasting they can be in sports camps for tennis, golf and even croquet.  Rooms are generous, even by Napa standards, and make you feel like you’re in a Restoration Hardware showroom they are so comfortable.    

Auberge du Soleil, Napa Valley

Why we like it:  Part of this is nostalgia; this is one of the first baller hotels that we paid for when we started making some real money after college, and remember that feeling of being blown away by a hotel for the first time.  But Auberge still delivers, even 20+ years later and now we can order whatever wine we want on the menu.  The rooms are among the nicest, along with those baths in Napa, where the competition is stiff for excellent hotels and the ground just make  you feel like you are in wine country.  Their restaurant is still one of the best special occasion spots to have dinner and their service continues to be top notch.