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Time to Daydream - The Hotel du Cap
July 1, 2020
By , Founder

Welcome to the Daydream

Welcome to the Daydream, 30 seconds to add to your list of #hotelgoals. If there’s one hotel you should visit in your lifetime, this is it. Just ask anyone who has been there over the past 150 years. Chances are they are regulars, who have that long promenade known as the Grand Allée, and that pool built into the rocks overlooking the Med on their annual summer circuit. Welcome to the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc. You’ll find it in the dictionary, under iconic.

Suggested Stay: 4-7 days

Good For: Couples (from honeymoons to anniversaries), families, groups of friends and solo travelers. Come one, come all.


The Inside Track

What makes this place so special? First, it’s in the South of France, which is synonymous with summer. This strip of seafront from Antibes to the Cap Ferrat is classic French Riviera, where your stress level unloads the moment you step off the airplane. There is something about the sunshine in this part of the world that immediately warms you and puts you in vacation mode. Then you get to Antibes and have your first sight of the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, and you’re done. All of a sudden, life makes sense. You’ve worked your a-- off, won the genetic lottery, know the right people, married well — whatever the reason — you’ve crushed it in life. You’ve arrived.

You’d think with such a top-of-the-food-chain place that there would be a certain crowd you’d rather avoid. Well, for the most part, the guests are nothing but good vibes, and it’s time to get social. Many a lifetime friendship has been made over leisurely breakfasts, sunset champagne and pre-dinner cocktails. The energy is just off the charts. The hotel, the food, the service and the people — HdC has it all going on.


Don’t make any plans for the first two days of your stay. HdC is your destination. Breakfast at Le Restaurant, staking out a good spot in the first row on the pool deck (Louis is your guy to make sure that happens), taking a dip into the Med and working up the guts to jump off the diving board are first things first. No matter who you are, the first two days are about chilling at that pool and getting some major QT at the hotel. An easy lunch of sushi or their signature crab avocado at The Grill is a favorite, or if you’re feeling like living large, the buffet lunch in the more formal restaurant is tops. The food is some of the best in the area, and they mix it up enough to keep you dining in-house the first two days before you begin taking field trips off property. HdC is a 25-minute drive from Cannes, where you can check out the beach clubs during the day and enjoy some evening debauchery at Medusa and Bâoli. You can yacht or helicopter over to St. Tropez for the day, but no matter where your day takes you, it’s always home to the Hotel du Cap. Extra points if your evening escapades get you home so late that the sprinklers on the Grand Allée are turned on.

What to Know: The rooms are exquisitely traditional, but unless you are splurging on a large suite or one of the specialty rooms, know that the entry level rooms are exactly that — your entry into an extraordinary place. You won’t be spending a lot of time in your room, dare we say, even if on your honeymoon, as it’s that pool, that lunch overlooking the water, the late night at the hotel bar and the sing-alongs at the piano that are the reasons you come.

We’ll tell you, before we even created The Daydream, this is the spot that we think about all year as our reward. There’s a reason that the majority of the guests are regulars who return year after year.