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Best Wine under $20

Wine Arbitrage: A 100 Point Wine for $20 - Maison L'Envoye
September 21, 2018
By , Contributing Writer & Copy Editor

The Wine Expert: Shane Benson is a certified sommelier and the founder of New York Vintners in Tribeca. Founded in 2006, New York Vintners is the leading food and wine educator in the United States. Shane is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University and the Culinary Institute of America and believes that, “A wine’s quality is determined in the glass."

Why I like it:  Maison l’Envoye represents everything that is good in the wine world: fantastic value, approachable prices, world renowned winemaker, organic, biodynamic, and artisanal production from a blue-chip wine region. These Beaujolais are the perfect summer wines.

What to pair it with:  The Maison l’Envoye wines are excellent for late summer and early fall entertaining. Made from the gamay noir grape, they are lighter bodied but extremely flavorful with notes of leather, fruit, and spice. Pairs beautifully with a backyard barbeque, salads, grilled vegetables, and lighter meats and fishes. Or just chill it a tiny bit and sip by the pool.  

How to buy:  orders@newyorkvintners.com