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where celebrities vacation in mexico

Celebrities Make a Run For the Border
August 12, 2020
By , Writer

Thank goodness we never built that wall.  Luckily for Americans, Mexico is allowing us over the border this summer, and this hotel is filled with Hollywood’s A List taking a well-deserved vacation this year.  Where are they going? Los Cabos. But celebrities like Eva Longoria, Tracee Ellis Ross, and the Hough siblings don’t go just anywhere. They go to Nobu. A collaboration between renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa, and Robert De Niro, the latest Nobu hotel which opened just last year is the much needed life of the party as well as the oasis of calm that has hosted the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Even if COVID-19 wasn’t a thing, this is the place to go. Despite the occasional celeb spotting, Nobu Los Cabos is more about the luxury and space needed to have a real A-list retreat. Spread across three buildings, each room has their own private terraces and lounge pools, which are perfect for that time alone you and your spouse need right now. The three separate pools also cater to any vibe you're looking for. There’s always a party at Cortez which is next to the Playabar and where the beats that the singers you’re dancing with play nonstop. Or, if you’re looking for the spot where you can ditch the mask, you’ll find space at the semi private, ultra romantic cabanas by Pacific. 

What’s most notable about this hotel is the Japanese minimalism that we’ve come to associate with everything Nobu Matsuhisa puts his name to. Open- air lobbies and sleek fireplaces bring peace and comfort, but are refined in a way that highlights the scenic open ocean. Nary a detail is overlooked, and everything from the local Mexican Artwork, to the accent throw pillows blends seamlessly with the lux getaway vibe. 

And doesn’t everyone know about the Nobu food. Nobu’s sushi is internationally famous, and is certainly no let down in Los Cabos. But, the location, which is a hop skip and jump from LA, takes a nod from its northern neighbor at the Malibu Farm restaurant which is the one to hit at the hotel. Picture being served farm to table Miso Black Cod or vegan coconut tofu while relaxing at cushioned wooden tables. Or if feeling like more of a local vibe, the Pacific restaurant has the tacos and fresh guacamole that will satisfy that Mexican craving. 

Whether you’re eating, drinking, partying, or spa-ing, Nobu caters to the occasion and with the kind of quality high profile stars expect. Again, we know we don’t really have much choice for travel right now, but even if we did, chances are, we’d end up at Nobu.